8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Web Development | 16-01-2020 | Rintu Biswas

8 must have wordpress plugins for bloggers

The world of blogging has been rapidly progressing with the early development of the internet. People around the world have shown interest in blogs and with increasing demand, the world of blogs is getting even better and larger.

Wordpress can be termed as a global development that was first introduced in the year 2003 as a content management system and has come a long way since then. The Wordpress community has shown enormous growth in the last few years and has reached almost every corner of the world supporting more than 100 languages.

Emergence and growth of Wordpress have increased the number of jobs such as a web developer, web designer, writer/editor, marketing, graphic designer, content manager, and technical support.

Today, 35 % of the web is driven by Wordpress alone which happens to be immense and more interestingly it is still growing. Wordpress has enabled more than 54,000 + plugins for it’s blogging community.

No wonder, that plugins are the most essential components when you want to run your blog or site proficiently. With having the right plugins integrated into your Wordpress website, you can drastically change the aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency of the website.

With almost 20 billion page views per month, Wordpress can be said as the fastest growing web publication software today.

Though there are plenty of Wordpress SEO plugins available to choose from, you have to be decisive and selective while you choose the best Wordpress plugins for bloggers.

Optimizing your digital integration with the most needed plugins will make your job seamless and easy.

Installing and reviewing countless Wordpress plugins are not that easy, but we have done our bit to make it easy for you to choose from the must-have.plugins for your blog.

Must-Have Wordpress Plugins for Bloggers

The list of these top 8 Wordpress plugins that are under-discussed would come handy for every blogger on the Wordpress platform. It will make your everyday blogging better and would help you optimize your site for better user-experience and enhancement of your blogs.

Note: The list of the plugins are not discussed according to their ranks.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 according to me is one of the must-have that can help you to create and manage your contact forms seamlessly. It will let you create distinctive types of forms and give them names. Above all, it will let you use reCaptcha verification to keep your security tight.

It has completed more than 5 million active installations supported by thousand 5 star reviews. This doesn’t take any coding, you just need to download and integrate the plugin with your browser. You can even customize the drop-down menus and the input forms according to your requirements.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is believed to be one of the top SEO plugins for bloggers, everybody knows it. SEO has changed rapidly in the last few years and Yoast SEO will help you optimize your blogging site for search engines like Google. From conducting basic keyword research to analyzing the on-page facto it does almost everything you will need in one single plugin.

Yoast SEO will let you create a sitemap file on your own and help in easy integration with Google search console. It can allow you to add a convenient SEO title and set your blog’s target keywords. Moreover, it will help you improve your content’s readability and optimize your site for social media.

According to me, it is a must-have Wordpress plugin for the blogging community as well as the SEO specialists. Having more than 5 million active installations powered by outperforming features does half of your crucial job.


It lowers down the job of other plugins in your site and comes with advanced multi-purpose features to help you maintain your rank on Google’s first page. Jetpack has been one of the most popular plugins with more than 5 million active installations. Jetpack is powered by a few top features that are mentioned below:

It helps you to track your site’s search queries and page views.
It protects your site from every brute force attacks.
Offers the social sharing button and helps you auto-publicize your blogs on social media platforms.
It can improve your engagement and monitor downtime and let you know when your site is down.
It will help you create your own sitemap and will also lower down your bounce rate.
Take daily backup of your blogs, therefore you don’t have to install any other plugins for backups.

Using Jetpack would reduce the use of other plugins and using fewer plugins means your browser will have less pressure while running.

Wordfence Security

Your house may have several locked doors, but that won’t keep the thief from breaking in.

Just like that despite Wordpress has its own security measures, it still remains crucial to get the best security Wordpress plugins to prevent and protect your security and privacy. Wordfence Security will help you stop threatening cyber-attacks, block malicious networks, scans for vulnerabilities and can monitor different metrics to analyze attacks and prevent them.

It offers both paid and free versions with different tools to help with security measures such as backdoor scanning, brute force protection and above all, it creates a firewall to enhance IP whitelisting, IP blocking and blocking fake Google crawlers.

If you are concerned about your site’s security then I suggest you go for Wordfence Security plugins.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Wordpress spam is something that you might start getting from the first day. Spams can contaminate your blogging site and backend files through spam comments and contact form submissions from users. Akismet anti-spam is the official Wordpress plugin that would help you to keep the spammers away from your blogs and maintain the integrity of your site.

This plugins reviews and filters each comment shared on your site and offers a status history on every comment to make sure which comments were spammy by the moderator or Akismet. It offers both free and paid versions and has active installations of more than 100,000.

Akismet blocks more than 7.5 million spam comments every hour and according to data users had already removed more than 400 billion spam to date.

WP Super Cache

With the next-generation technology all around us, your website speed will be the main factor in 2020. With a site well-built, you also need speed and reliability. And WP Super Cache would let you gradually boost up your site speed. You can rely on it when it comes to usability, increased site speed, and reduced server load.

WP Super Cache is super easy to install and set up. You just need it to install, activate and check a couple of boxes to configure it.

WP Smush

WP Smush compression and optimization is a must-have Wordpress plugin for your blogging site. It will help you to optimize and compress high-resolution images without having to compromise the quality. It analyzes and finds out the images that are causing the slow down of your site and lets you optimize it perfectly.

WP Smush will allow you to incorporate multiple sites and more than 90 % media library plugins. One of its stunning features is it can optimize 50 images at once. WP Smush Image Compression comes both free and paid versions.

Broken Link Checker

Broken links can be cancerous for your website and for search engines broken links are dead ends. Too many broken links on your blogging site would damage your site's reputation and eventually hurt on the search engine rankings. So, it is mandatory to eliminate all the broken links on your site and prevent your site from de-ranking.

Broken Link Checker will constantly keep scanning your blog for broken links and whenever it gets one, you can easily fix them with one click or two. It will also help you avoid sending pings to your own site when you publish a post with a link to one of your posts. This tool can get rid of every 404 errors in your site. According to me, it is a must-have plugin for your blogging site.

Coming to the end

The 8 above discussed plugins will ensure better functionality, speed, security, usability and admin experience and more than everything it will guide you to make your user experience better than before. Integrating these plugins with a good website builder will definitely get more readers to your blog.

Now, after discussing the essentiality of plugins, it's up to you what to choose according to the need of your blog.

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