8 Ways To Improve The Landing Page Of Your Website

Web Development | 26-11-2021 | Simon Walker

8 ways to improve the landing page of your website

Spending more of your time, energy, and monetary resources is of no value if these are not getting you the desired results. Getting web traffic is one thing, whereas making them stay and take action is another. If the landing page is not compelling enough to retain the users then all the marketing endeavors of bringing traffic drains away without giving you fruitful returns. To help you work out for better results, I’m sharing with you the 8 benefits of the Magento open-source platform for eCommerce that may help you form a decision to choosing it for your online business.

1. Put Efforts Into Copywriting

The sales copy of a landing page needs careful consideration of power words and compelling vocabulary. It has the power to engage users in reading the entire page and finally convert into a customer. Every sentence that you write and publish on a web page has its importance. If it is well crafted and aimed towards a specific goal, you will be able to accomplish the goal.

There is no need to write long paragraphs as internet users are so much in a hurry that they only need a summarized form of a product or service description. They want a quick go-through of the product specifications and the benefits they are going to avail. It is up to you to display all the information either in bullet points, short and crisp sentences, brief paragraphs, or captivating infographics. Use the most innovative technologies to ensure the users find it easy and simple to read.

2. Refine Headlines

The first thing your website users come across on a landing page is the headlines. Ask random people or friends to test it and report about its effectiveness. Reach out to people who are new to the website so they can guide you about the actual message the headlines are conveying. If these are not attractive and compelling, replace them with an improved version. Carry split tests by checking from the results either the users are taking action with the refined headlines or they were good to go with the previous ones.

3. Display Significant Data Above The Fold

Above the fold, the first screen before the user folds it with a scroll button is a significant part of a landing page. Here, you must display the core aspects of the products or services or a key punch line that leaves a mark in the mind of users so that they can remember and return even after scrolling down the page.

Visitors are likely to take notice of the message and drag down the page only if the information above the fold is useful, compelling, and promising. If they are ensured for an answer or solution to the problem they have been looking for then they would like to stay and scroll down. Add facts, statistics, case studies, offers, discounts, and other calls to action to make the above-the-fold page more engaging and resourceful.

4. Study Heat Map

Website traffic and analysis can help you recognize the best-performing pages. However, to know the most prominent places on a specific land, you may need to study its heat map. A landing page includes various elements that contribute to compelling a visitor to take an action.

To know exactly which element is proving useful in buyers’ journey, you must configure heat maps as it visualizes the places where users are spending most of their time. Study them to find the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of different web elements. Improve the less performing elements and track the results before and after making the changes.

5. Highlight Call To Action

A call to action must be distinct and easy to use from the rest of the design elements of a landing page. The design, text and the page it directs to shall be easily understandable for a layman. Add simple text that sums up an entire action in a few words for example use ‘Buy Now’ instead of ‘Place Your Orders Here’.

Compose text for every call to action according to the purpose it serves. Spend time in personalizing CTA buttons separately for getting email subscribers, encouraging sign-ups, availing discounts, introducing friends, etc. In addition to the text, the color of a CTA also has great significance. Use highlighting shades of yellow, green, and blue to make it more prominent.

6. Minimize Distractions

Unnecessary dialog boxes and unwanted requests for newsletter submission may make the users leave the landing page and move to some of your competitors. Looking into the landing pages of your websites to remove the distractions that may slow down or become a barrier in buyers’ journey.

Being a website admin one cannot easily recognize elements of distractions. Try asking your friends and family members to test it for you with the perspective of a customer, or you can hire a person to keep it testing randomly twice or thrice a week. It will help you to know the design or text elements that may be stopping customers from concentrating on the message.

7. Optimize For Mobile Devices

No landing page can perform better and bring you the targeted leads if you have not optimized it for mobile devices. A vast majority of internet users like to search and shop their favorite products on their smartphones and mobile gadgets.

Using personal computers for online shopping will soon be obsolete as mobile phones provide much of the convenience. Mobile responsiveness is a must as it has been included a core search engine optimization signal as well. It means the landing pages of your websites will not be able to make it to the top searches if these are not mobile-friendly.

8. Bring Benefits To The Limelight

Focus on highlighting the benefits of a product or service on its landing page. Start with the problem and connect it with the story as to how you have come across the problem and realized to mend a solution for it. The narration and storytelling will add charm to the landing page as it will make the users keep on reading till the end. Define the solution as to how it can benefit the most in comparison to other available solutions.

Final Thoughts

Improving the landing page of your website is a continuing experience of learning and trying different strategies. The 8 different ways in Magento open-source platform I have discussed above in this post are surely going to help you in enhancing the effectiveness of the landing page. However, you can keep trying more tips and techniques that may be specific to your business niche and target audience.

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