Full-Stack VS MEAN Stack VS MERN Stack: Benefits And Comparison

Web Development | 11-10-2021 | Akash Rout

full-stack vs mean stack vs mern stack

These days website designing and mobile app development sectors are booming. Both the app & website can be developed using a stack of various technologies. If you research the market, you will notice a buzz about selecting the suitable Stack for the custom application development.

Before picking the stack technology, it is suggested to learn the Stack technology. Then, you can easily choose the Stack for your project. Web developers are qualified for picking the apt stack. And the stack should provide flexibility, scalability etc. To take that best judgment, web developers must have accuracy about the stack. And their features, benefits, etc. And how you can deploy it for your projects to add a whole lot of opportunities. Also it is suggested that you check the software that you are using. Because the softwares should have a strong support to maintain in a subtle environment.

Table of Contents:

- Introduction
- What exactly is a stack?
- How are Mean Stack Development Companies picking the right stack?
- How can you explain Full-Stack?
- Advantages of Full-Stack Development
- What is a Mean Stack?
- Advantages of Mean stack
- What is Mern stack
- Advantages of Mern stack
- App Ideas You Should Consider before Designing An App
- Lastly, Conclusion

What Exactly Is A Stack?

Stack is a mixture of software, technologies & languages. It can be divided into two parts, application, technology stack.

Basically, a full-stack developer is accountable for leading the project structure. The developer can change designing roles as per the requirements. Because web developers are skilled, they can swiftly recognize faults. And also suggest solutions for various design streams.

How Mean Stack Development Companies Are Picking The Right Stack?

Below mentioning are some of the points that you should consider before picking the technology:

- Project requirements
- Scope of work for development
- The flexibility of the web development team
- Look for beyond the current requirements
- Research about the Mean Stack Development Company before hiring

How Can You Explain Full-Stack?

Market trends & demands have increased the requirement of full-stack developers. Here, full-stack developer means who knows both the front & back-end. A full-stack developer can work on unique code. And can give you a great UX/UI. Skilled developers these days can resolve the glitches of any technology. That's why companies are looking to hire full-stack developers. Because they can work from scratch to the end of the development process.

Advantages of Full-Stack Development

Below mentioning are some of the benefits of full-stack development:

- Firstly, You can easily shift from the front-end to the back-end and vice versa according to the requirement.
- You can manage the entire architecture at any level of the project.
- Hiring a full-stack developer is cost-effective here.
- You get complete control over the development.
- You can enhance it. Since there are no specific updates in the front or back end.
- Lastly, full-stack developers are most beneficial for small, medium businesses.

What Is MEAN Stack?

A combination of JS technologies that helps in developing complicated websites or applications. Basically, it is a full-stack JS framework. And it is helpful in web & app development. Moreover, it simplifies the required job.

MEAN contains Node.js, Angular.js, Express.js, and MongoDB. For backend use Mongo DB and Express.js. And for the frontend Node.js. and Angular.js is required. These days, complicated sites or apps can be designed with the MEAN stack. Basically MEAN stack is a framework that supports various plugins. And it also helps in the decreasing system handling time. In case you are also looking to complete the project fast, the MEAN stack can be of a great selection.

Advantages Of MEAN Stack

Below mentioned are a few advantages of Mean stack development:

- Firstly, you get the overall control over frontend development as well as the backend development.
- It keeps avoiding the extra work. And helps in completing the web development work efficiently.
- It is a build with four top technologies. Like, Node.js, Angular.js, Express.js, MongoDB.
- The mean stack is accompanied by ready-made testing instruments.
- Lastly, it utilizes open-source structures.

What Is MERN Stack?

It is employed for creating web pages of premium class. Designing web apps requires frameworks, databases, libraries. MERN stack guarantees a very steady process. However, the MERN stack is still growing in the industry.

Advantages Of MERN Stack

A few advantages of Mern stack development are mentioned below:

- Firstly, MongoDB ensures flexibility in the case of data volume. It offers scalability across data centers regularly.
- It helps in faster project development.
- MongoDB keeps data in JS Object Notation. Such as records, which makes data constancy and linking easily.
- Lastly, it is economical. And it operates on commodity devices.

App Ideas You Should Consider Before Designing An App

A great project thought will not only help businesses to reach the audience but also helps enterprises in expanding quickly. As a Mean Stack Development Company we are suggesting a few latest app ideas:

Digital Polling/Voting App

A voting/polling app can help residents to vote in the comfort of their homes. As per the current situation, it is going to be the safest option. Designing a voting app demands special attention. Such as giving extra effort to high-quality safety. And it also helps in reducing the misuse of voting, etc. In case you are looking to build a voting app with a seamless process. Then you should also go for Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology in online apps can help you with seamless processes, data security, etc.

Pros of Digital Voting/Polling app:

- Repetition reduced
- Lesser Supervision
- Hassle-free method
- Lesser inspection
- Genuine data collection
- Improved efficiency
- Greater security
- And, economical process

Identify Nearby Deals App

This app can help users in saving their money by checking the nearby deals, sales, etc. Sometimes we just desire online shopping. And we don't even bother to check store deals at our nearby stores. This can lead to spending more money.

This app designing idea can be a great option for small & medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups. Also, you can make the app extraordinary, by integrating different features such as:

- Category wise shop with offer lists
- And, showing available, current expired list

Fitness Tracking Apps

It usually works in the healthcare sector. Apps such as health/fitness tracking can help you monitor your fitness goals. With the help of these apps, you can exercise, do yoga, meditation by watching videos inside the apps.

Essential Elements:

- It has electronic health record systems inside the mobile app. It helps in tracking all the important health details of the patients.
- Moreover, it offers a timer for tracking the exercise time.

Logistic and Transport Apps

These apps can help you track your orders. This can also work smoothly with Blockchain. In other words, you will get robust apps if you use Blockchain for these kinds of apps.

Essential Elements:

- Firstly, it helps in the quick coordination of documents.
- It has reduced transportation expenses.
- This offers easy approval & clearing.
- Lastly, it keeps safe, updated information.


Designing an app with Full Stack MEAN, or MERN is not adequate. In case the project ideas are not as per the trend. You won't get much response from the users. Hence, before selecting the technologies, look for the latest ideas for the project development.

As a Mean Stack Development Company, if we make a comparison between all three. Then all three technologies are great at their place. In order to select the suitable one for your project. You should also concentrate on different things such as project features, functionalities, and requirements, etc.

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