How To Recognize A Good Developer?

Web Development | 03-03-2020 | Digvijay Rajddan

how to recognize a good developer

When you were little you probably imagined yourself to be an architect, a doctor, a lawyer or even a pilot, but becoming a developer is new.

So what benchmark should you use to identify the features that will make you a good developer?

To be a doctor, you have probably been told that you have been studying for many years and always being there to treat your patients, you have probably been told that to be an architect, you must have the creativity of logic and a touch of originality and so on for other traditional trades, but what about developers? What are the characteristics and qualities that must be present in any developer?

1. One who can overcome challenges

As in most trades, we face several challenges on a daily basis that must be overcome. It is for this reason that ambitious and curious developers are quickly spotted by the largest companies. The developers are then brought to invest themselves thoroughly. The best of them are those who show creativity in their work, namely in the UX.

So it is the duty of a developer worthy of his name to take into account the needs of his client and at the same time put himself in the place of the users. And this in itself is a challenge. But a passionate developer is not afraid of difficulties, on the contrary, they love them.

Finding the gem for start-ups is being able to find programming staff who identify bugs and errors as a challenge rather than a sign of failure.

2. Lots of practice

Effortless success is a dream that is far from being realized... And of course, the job of a developer is no exception to this rule.

A GOOD developer must seize any work opportunity to gain experience. Indeed, you will have to accept the challenges that you encounter in order to evolve, identify your gaps and, of course, remedy them?

Do you know Van Damme? Before he was thin and it was thanks to his physical education and his training that he was able to obtain this dream body that he has today. And like muscles, creativity and the spirit, it also works, it develops and it evolves.

3. The assurance of a well-worked job

Many companies press the developers with whom they work, believing that only speed will satisfy their clientele.

However, we all know that it is very rare that a job well done is quickly done.

A developer worthy of the name must estimate the time to allocate to the project for the work to be done correctly, taking into account, in particular, the phases of corrections or adjustment. Even if the customer asks him to deliver "as soon as possible".

In general, you should be wary of those who set delivery dates too close and of people who accept the deadlines imposed without discussing it is better for the developer to plan his schedule himself. A good developer with enough experience will be able to estimate the time required for the project to mature as well as the obstacles it may encounter.

4. Pushing your limits

Why learn a single programming language or two when you can learn more than one?

In programming, it is imperative to push the limits.

Set your big goals, because you only evolve through those goals.

In front of your computer, let yourself be carried away by your passion and seek to know the news from the technological world. If a new language becomes popular, be one of the first to master it. Remember, when working in the technological field, one must always be up to date, because the latter does not take a break and evolves consent.

5. The sense of detail and perfection

A good developer likes to adhere very precisely to his specifications. He understood that miracles are hidden in the details and that a single poorly positioned stone can collapse an entire structure.

He has a very strong community from which he gains experience which allows him to check his work, he draws up common conventions (ways of proceeding, syntax, prioritization of information and priorities), he documents himself carefully and implements adequate monitoring tools.

To summarize, it is not a question of being a simple developer mastering the technical part of development, it must also have the characteristics of a real fighter, because it is rarely possible to successfully program from the first try.

You have to be persistent, have a lot of breath to start over and over again if necessary, even after endless hours of work. But hey when you love, you don't count your hours, do you?

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