How To Remove Breadcrumbs In WordPress?

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how to remove breadcrumbs in wordpress

Breadcrumbs are navigational links in WordPress or any other website that pop up at the top of a page or post. Such links are helpful for the web users as they show the higher-level categories because of which they arrived at the content they were viewing at that time and made navigation back to earlier viewed pages easy.

Breadcrumbs create a trail that directs the users back to the ‘homepage.’ Breadcrumbs are of great help for websites, like online stores and blogs where visitors frequently move between product pages, individual posts, and category archives in search of similar content.

To keep you updated on this topic where you would be learning about Breadcrumbs' working process and how to remove it, we have curated a comprehensive written guide for your understanding. Please read it and get over the Breadcrumbs by yourself on the Best Laptop In India.

Working Pattern of WordPress Breadcrumbs

WordPress Breadcrumbs are of three different types, all involving navigational links, but in somewhat different ways.

1) Hierarchy Based: Hierarchy-based Breadcrumbs show the web users where they are in your website’s structure.
2) Attribute-Based: Attribute-based Breadcrumbs are traditionally used on eCommerce websites. They help display the features the web user has searched for that directed him to the products they are viewing currently.
3) History-Based: When web users move from one page to another on your website, the history-based Breadcrumbs will assist them in returning the way they came.

Each of the Breadcrumbs serves different purposes, but all of them enhance user navigation and, to an extent, UX. They positively impact SEO services by showing the relationship that other pieces of content on your website share. Through this, Breadcrumbs make it easy for search engine bots or crawlers to understand the structure of your website and make your site a social media ghost mascot.

Further, these bots will be able to index your website’s pages with higher accuracy. Moreover, search engines will display your Breadcrumbs in result listings that will help users see additional content on your website, which relates to the information they are looking for.

Removing Breadcrumbs in WordPress

The methods for removing Breadcrumbs from your WordPress site depend on how you had initially added them. For example, if your Breadcrumbs were custom-coded, the solution is to remove the added code from the theme’s files.

Removing the Breadcrumbs added with a plugin is easy as you only have to deactivate the plugin, and the Breadcrumbs will vanish. For Yoast SEO, you can use the Search Appearance settings to navigate to the Breadcrumbs tab and turn off the relevant switch to disable Breadcrumbs.

The above-explained trick to remove Breadcrumbs is also applicable on themes that enable Breadcrumbs through WordPress shortcodes or a setting. But, a few themes add breadcrumbs by default, and removing such Breadcrumbs may be a bit difficult, especially if you are not well-versed with codes.

If you face the above problem, follow the below steps and delete all the Breadcrumbs from your theme.

1) After logging in to your WordPress site, click on “Dashboard,” and then select the “Installed Plugins” option.

2) Scour the plugin list and choose the one that is generating the Breadcrumbs, like “WordPress Breadcrumbs” and “Yoast Breadcrumbs.” Almost all the plugins have Breadcrumbs in the title. If you cannot see any Breadcrumb plugin, it may mean that it has automatically been included with your theme.

3) Now, remove them from your theme by clicking on “Editor" under the option “Appearance.” Click open the template from where you want to remove the Breadcrumbs, i.e., on the main page - index.php, for blog posts - single.php, for pages - page.php.

4) Press “Ctrl+F” together to open the search function on your browser and run a search for “Breadcrumb” to find the line of PHP that creates the Breadcrumbs.

5) Enter two forward slashes “//” after “php.” This would mention the code and make it void.

6) Click the “Update File” option. From the template selected, all the Breadcrumbs are now deleted. To remove them from additional templates, repeat the above process.

In case all the above tricks fail, contact your theme’s developer for assistance and post-performance hootsuite.

To End With

Though Breadcrumbs are essential for your app development companies UX and SEO techniques, they might not be of any use for many, or their use must have been exhausted. At this point, disabling the Breadcrumbs is a sensible decision. I hope the above information on Breadcrumbs, its working procedure, and the process is clear to you and will be helpful when you want to remove it from your WordPress site. Removing them is also beneficial to make chromecontinue use smoother.

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