PHP vs. ASP.NET – How to choose the best one?

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So many questions in comparison between PHP and ASP.NET. But how do we decide which is the best to go with?

Now both PHP and ASP.NET are with large user bases. The demand for the two is so huge that offshore web developers need help choosing between them. On the one hand, PHP is a general scripting language on which developers rely heavily, while ASP.NET is associated with a brand such as Microsoft.

Today, this blog will help you decide which to go with for your project requirement.


Website is essential for any business. But you will have to pay for it. Hence, pricing is a crucial factor that all business owners will consider before making a final call.

PHP is an open-source and reachable platform that works with windows, Mac, and Linux. Similarly, the PostgreSQL server, MySQL server, Apache server, and Linux OS are all available. So next time you want to replace it, it will be freed from cost. However, because of ASP. Internet is a Microsoft product, there's a price associated with it.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Visual Studio is the IDE that is used to implement ASP.NET. It is also known as VS Express. The free version of this IDE is adequate for beginners but insufficient for professionals. In the case of PHP, it supports a variety of IDEs, both free and paid versions.

Performance and Speed

The performance and speed of a platform are interconnected. For example, it is decided by Linux it takes the browser to reply. Therefore, servers need to communicate quickly with one another. For example, PHP is compatible with several operating systems, including Linux. Additionally, it uses the LAMP stack, which stands for Linux, MySQL, and Apache. Performance is enhanced by PHP's use of its memory area. Execution of the program is slowed down in ASP.NET because it is based on a COM-based system.

Scalability and Flexibility

The scalability of both of these languages is superior. The platform can be made more usable depending on the developer's talent. It is simple to achieve by using programming knowledge, applying best practices, using a challenging framework, and sticking to industry laws and regulations. These components are independent of platforms, and the practical approach separates them. Regarding flexibility, ASP.NET takes the cake thanks to its object-oriented features. For example, the oops concept allows multiple ASP.NET developers to collaborate on the same project using languages such as Visual Basic ASP.NET or C#.

Learning Process

For a beginner, PHP is a relatively simple coding language. If you have a strong understanding of C, you will find it easier to learn PHP. Even for a beginner, the documentation and syntax are straightforward. The presence of functional modules such as PDF converters, file type converters, graphs, and so on improves the consistency of the learning curve. ASP.NET, on the other hand, requires more knowledge because it uses the C# programming language.

Coding Process

Freedom to code: Every Developer loves this. PHP wins this requirement thanks to its high coding freedom. PHP, as an open-source framework, gives developers complete coding freedom. They can work on whatever structure they want. Text editors like
Notebook++, jEdit, notepad, Bluefish, and even Emacs can be used for this. This language is based on the PERL scripting language. However, the core of ASP.NET supports Linux, Mac, and Windows.


Choose a programming language that provides the best debugging tools. Debugging will take up a lot of your time that could be spent on other important tasks. For example, in PHP,
we have XDebug, which provides breakpoints, stacks, path mapping, and other features. It also wholly replaces echo (), print r (), and var dump (). Kint, Whoops, Krumo, Pinba, PHP DebugBar, and other open-source debugging tools for
PHP is also available.


A powerful programming language should possess well-designed web development frameworks that can be easily handled to create the applications. There are so many frameworks available in PHP, including Codeigniter, Zend, Laravel, Symfony, and others, with Codeigniter and Laravel. These frameworks can easily support e-commerce development, web development, and customized apps. The drawback of ASP.NET is that it can only support the.NET framework and CLR (Common Language Runtime).


Here PHP is better as it can run on Unix, Solaris, Windows, and Linux platforms. But ASP.NET is compatible with LINUX and other Windows-based applications.

Hosting Procedure

The PHP hosting process is simple. It works on Unix and Linux servers. But, depends on ASP apache because of which hosting is difficult.

Security Issue

PHP provides excellent platform security compared to ASP.NET. PHP includes a database and components. Also, WordPress depends on the PHP Platform.

Popularity and Job Opportunities

Over 79% of websites use PHP as the server-side programming language, while only 11.2% use ASP.NET. So here we can conclude that PHP developers have more demand than ASP.NET developers.


PHP performs better than ASP.NET due to its unique capabilities and functionalities. However, it may differ based on the project's requirements and the users. However, if you are still wondering whether to use PHP instead of ASP.NET or whether to switch to another platform, get a clear opinion from our team of web development experts.

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