Why is AngularJS the Perfect Choice For Web Development?

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Why is AngularJS the Perfect Choice For Web Development?

Creating a robust web application requires the right technology. The use of JavaScript libraries and frameworks is rapidly increasing in developing web applications. AngularJS is one of the top JavaScript frameworks used to build competitive web apps. It was originally created by Google, which provides support for it.

AngularJS combines various components, design patterns, and features to build web apps. This JavaScript framework has simplified a lot of work for developers. There are several features that distinguish AngularJS from many JavaScript frameworks, like code reusability, two-way data binding, declarative templates, and more. The demand for Angular JS development services is increasing with the popularity of single-page applications and other dynamic web apps.

An Overview of AngularJS

AngularJS is a top-notch JavaScript framework and it is widely used to build robust web applications. AngularJS development services are beneficial in multiple web app development projects.

This Google-made JS framework has proved to be beneficial in many kinds of projects, no matter the complexity and technicality. It is appreciated among the developer community due to the various unique features it brings to the table for them. Front-end developers have been using it to build efficient and engaging web apps for some time now.

Besides all these benefits, for which AngularJS is more beneficial is the development of single-page applications. Hence, not surprisingly, this is a preferred JS framework for developing SPAs. Moreover, an entrepreneur can hire an Angular JS web development company to build a custom web app with the capabilities of this framework.

Reasons Why Angular JS Development Services Beneficial for Businesses

AngularJS is not just flexible; it is loaded with features to allow web developers to build complex web applications. With the increasing popularity of this framework, you can easily outsource AngularJS developers to build web apps. The following graph shows the interest in AngularJS over the period 2022-2023.

Source: Builtwith - Angular JS Usage Statistics

There are lots of reasons that make Angular.js a premier choice in developing web applications. The following is the list of these reasons.

Code Reusability

Businesses want a faster development process to ensure that their websites or web apps are launched as soon as possible. This is where Angular JS development services are beneficial for businesses. Angular.js offers a faster development process because it offers code reusability. This JavaScript framework allows developers to reuse the code that was previously created. As a result, it will save significant time when creating web applications using this framework.

Code reusability allows an Angular JS web development company to build web apps faster. This feature also allows them to customize and modify a web application per the requirement of a business. A business can build a custom web app with code reusability by recycling the code that is already available with the framework.

MVC and MVVC Architecture Pattern

MVC architecture is based on the Model, View, and Controller pattern that divides a web application code into numerous components. There is another similar architecture, which is MVVC, that divides the web app into Model, View, and ViewModel architecture. Both of these architectural patterns help you create a web application with an efficient structure.

In these different architectural patterns, the Model represents the business logic or app’s data; the View represents an app’s user interface; and the Controller manages the user input and the interaction between the View and the Model.

These architectures facilitate the splitting of code that helps streamline the development process. The code also becomes clean and well-structured with these patterns. As a result, an Angular JS web development company can build highly efficient and flexible web applications that meet the complex requirements of businesses.

Top at performance

Businesses choose Angular JS development services to build appealing and faster web apps. Indeed, this JavaScript framework allows you to build superb web apps that are high in performance. These are the features of AngularJS, like two-way data binding, directives, dependency injection, templating, and more, that allow developers to create fast-performing web apps.

The declarative templating with AngularJS, the behavior, and the structure of views are defined. It improves the performance of a web application by separating the business logic from the presentation layer. However, to make the best use of this framework, you can hire AngularJS developers to build high-performance web apps.

Large community support

Having a large and active community support is another plus point of this JavaScript framework. The community contributes to the development and growth of this framework. Besides its growth, the community also provides a helping hand to those looking for solutions related to their web apps and projects.

So, if there is an issue with your web application or something is not working as expected, you can always rely on the community for possible support. The community provides solutions to various problems through forums and other mediums. The community consists of various experts and specialists that know the ins and outs of this JavaScript framework.

However, you can rely on an Angular JS web development company if you require maintenance for your web application. The company will be there for you to ensure that your web app is bug-free, functioning smoothly, and devoid of possible glitches.

Supports SPA features

Today, the development of single-page applications is trending because they offer numerous benefits. These SPAs, like Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, etc., provide a user-friendly and faster speed. These types of web apps offer smooth functionality and engaging user experience that make them suitable for a number of business use cases.

AngularJS has excellent features that supplement the development of feature-rich single-page applications. A single-page application is dynamic and loads its content without reloading the page. These applications require minimal server communication, making them faster than traditional multi-page websites or web apps.

Two-way data binding

Another great advantage of using AngularJS for web app development is that it supports immediate synchronization between the Model and the View. As a result, any data alteration on either side will be reflected on the other side in real-time. This is a useful approach that an Angular JS web development company can utilize for efficient development.

The almost instant update of the View or the Model when there is a change on either side helps create web apps more quickly. Two-way data binding offers a simple and less obstructive approach to DOM display for creating engaging UIs.

Supported by Google

Angular.js not just offers community support, but Google backs this JS framework by providing constant updates and new features. Having the support of a big tech company really adds value to this JavaScript framework. This is among the many reasons why businesses trust Angular JS development services.

This framework derived credibility from Google’s support. Developers can work on various projects using this framework without fearing its relevance. Google’s support for this framework makes sure that it is updated and relevant to web development requirements.

Real-time testing

Another advantage of AngularJS is testing your web application. Indeed, this JS framework offers features that help in testing web apps. It offers both unit testing and end-to-end testing methods. There are several features that this framework offers, like dependency injection and determining how components of your web app will be generated.

The testing features also help in resolving the dependencies. Hence, testing with AngularJS enables an Angular JS web development company to build robust and error-free web applications. The built-in real-time modules with AngularJS make testing seamless and quick.


Routing is transitioning between views. It means the routing helps a web application jump from one view to another. For single-page applications, routing is a crucial feature. On a single-page application, the content is loaded onto a single page. So, instead of reloading the pages for every user action, there is only one page that hosts all the required content.

In the case of single-page applications, routing helps to retain a user on the same page while updating the different views on a single web page. Therefore, page reloading is eliminated to provide users with a consistent user experience. In this way, a web application feels more like a native app. Also, with every piece of information available on one page instead of switching between multiple pages makes users feel more engaged. You can hire AngularJS developers to leverage routing to make your web app smooth and user-friendly.

The routing maps the URLs to different views. These views can be loaded according to user interaction and actions in a web application. So, when the user navigates to a specific URL, routing loads the respective content on the page.

Reduced burden on servers

Performance is a key metric to determine engagement on a website or web app. The better the performance of your web app, the higher will be the user engagement rate. With the decreasing attention span of humans, it’s crucial to make your web app load faster and respond quickly. AngularJS is suitable for creating fast-loading web apps. You can even partner with an Angular JS development company to optimize the code and get you a fast-performing web app.

An advantage of using AngularJS for front-end development is the reduced burden on servers. This JavaScript framework has caching and other features that reduce server load improving the performance of a web application. The server is required to respond only to API calls and static files.

Angular.js allows you to build high-performance web apps by leveraging its components and coding structure.

Declarative templates

AngularJS uses HTML for creating website templates. As a declarative markup language, AngularJS is suitable for creating quality and readable code. The templates come with attributes like ng-app, ng-model, form controls, ng-repeat, and more. A declarative user interface enables developers to understand things and manipulate them easily.

Developers can connect to different UI components with data models using the declarative binding syntax. You can hire AngularJS developers to utilize the declarative template more efficiently for your web app development project. This feature is useful for creating web apps that are easy to build and maintain.

Ease of use

The learning curve is also an important factor in deciding whether a particular JS framework is suitable for developing your web app. A steeper learning curve means it will require more time to cope with challenges arising out of the web development process. Similarly, it will take lesser time to build your web application in the case of a shallow learning curve.

Developing web apps with AngularJS is quick and comparatively easy. Moreover, you can hire AngularJS developers for complex needs and build a robust solution.

Faster prototyping

Prototyping allows developers to build and refine the UI/UX of a website or web app before investing in full-fledged development. AngularJS is helpful in quick prototyping. With a simplified version of a website or web app, a prototype provides various insights to improve the quality of the end product.

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AngularJS vs Angular: Comparing the Advancement of the Framework

Google released a JavaScript framework in 2010, and it was named AngularJS. As an open-source framework, AngularJS has been useful for developing dynamic web applications for various businesses. However, the framework was enhanced with new features and capabilities released under the name of Angular. This framework dropped the JS suffix, and there is a reason for that.

Though Angular is an advanced version of AngularJS, many things create a difference. Beginning with the underlying programming language. AngularJS uses JavaScript, and Angular works with the TypeScript language. This is why Angular doesn’t have JS appended to it. Further, both frameworks use directives, but they differ in the way they use them. There are many other differences between Angular and AngularJS.

Let’s Wrap Up!

AngularJS is a powerful open-source JS framework for creating dynamic web apps. It is well-suited for creating single-page applications. Single-page applications that load their data on a single page and restrict page reloading can be fully implemented with the AngularJS framework. You can choose reliable Angular JS development services USA to build a robust web app as per your expectations. Leverage the expertise of professional developers to build a cutting-edge web app for your business.


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