Why Is WordPress A Great Platform For Your Business?

Web Development | 09-06-2022 | Jinny Sarah Jacob

why is wordpress a great platform for your business

WordPress is a jungle of possibilities. It is an on-demand platform. This Content Management system was launched on May 27, 2003.

Once upon a time!!

Yes, there was a time when entrepreneurs and business handlers looked for experts for website development. Thanks to the introduction of WordPress!! Things have become easier. It is a blessing to all webmasters.

Initially, WordPress was only known for blogging, but now it has grown immensely. This humble CMS can assist you to develop an interactive website.

According to recent records, 42.2% use WordPress.


It is quite tough to survive the stiff business challenges nowadays. Well, for some business owners maintaining and checking the business website is a daunting task. It is because they are crucially checking/ working on their core business.

WordPress is a relief of help to such businesses. The business owners will get complete freedom to concentrate on their business. They can enhance the appeal and look of their website.

So, does this denotes you do need experts?

The answer is “No”. You need support for complex issues like WordPress hacking, speed and performance issues, etc.

So, Is WordPress a great platform for your business?

Let’s find out. Many people do not have an idea about how great WordPress is. WordPress is free, amazing, and incredible. It is super powerful and easy to use.

Apart from this, you get guides, countless tutorials, eBooks, etc., to maintain and grow your WordPress website.

W3techs.com shares that 60.3% of websites are crafted with WordPress. A-lister brands like TechCrunch, Vogue, etc., use WordPress. Even small-scale businesses are going for this platform. Why? Read ahead to find out!!

Plugins and Themes

You can get plenty of WordPress themes and plugins on the internet. Hence, you get the option to choose any themes or plugins that can do wonders for your business.

WordPress plugins and themes can shape the professional look of the website. Whether you want to build a portfolio, service page, or home page, it has got you covered.

The plugins of WordPress will allow adding extra features to your business website. Without writing any codes, you can customize the plugins and themes. Within a few taps, you can have a professional website.

Supports multiple users

You can have plenty of users on your WordPress website. It has the caliber to handle multiple users.

WordPress can give access to the main four author roles. They are as follows:


Here, the contributor can only manage and create the post. He/ She does not get the right to publish the post.


The author can manage and publish their own posts.


The editor can edit and publish their and their users’ posts.


The administrator can access all the website’s functions. It includes managing the users and publishing content.

Reliable and Secure

This platform is the most powerful CMS. WordPress is known in the market for its security. The establishments ensure that they release regular security patches and updates. Hence, you can boast about a safer web environment for your business.

There are plenty of ways from where you can improvise your website’s security. You just need to take basic precautions.

SEO friendly

If you do not have an SEO-friendly website, then you are losing your business. In this competitive world and digital era, you need to have a website that makes your presence superlative. Else, there are high chances that you may get defeated by your competitors.

WordPress is optimized for search engines. This good samaritan can help you to improvise your online presence and make you on the top of search engines.

WordPress has a streamlined, consistent, and clean code. Hence, Google spiders can index your website easily.

It has responsive designs, logical architecture, and setup options. Hence, you can do the customization of each page and post using its own Meta tags.

Affordable, flexible, and expandable

As mentioned earlier you can add or expand features using the plugin. It is a guiding light to the business administrators as they get complete control over what needs to be added to the base platforms. A small team can quickly move in for actual deployment and prototyping.


This is another selling point of WordPress. It is developed with core technologies that are highly scalable.

Be it web server optimization or database tunings, it can sit in the middle to bring the best solution to the desk. Hence, your team need not reinvent the wheel to operate your business on an enterprise scale.

A large community of developers

WordPress has millions of users because it allows everyone to access the code. You will get the support of vast pools of developers, discussion forums, and communities.

The community discusses all types of troubles they face/ have faced/ is facing. Hence, you can figure out the accurate solution to your challenges.


Google penalizes those websites that are not mobile-friendly. It ranks them lower on the result pages. With WordPress, you do not have to stress to overhaul your whole website.

Your users can access your website and its content from smartphones, PCs, and tablets, thanks to the diligent power of WordPress.


This is the one feature that WordPress is highly acclaimed for. You can do integration with many prominent third-party platforms. You can send plenty of newsletters and email campaigners using the WordPress plugin.

There is a plugin for each functionality. For instance, there are plugins to accept credit/ debit card payments. You can do the integration of WordPress with Facebook, Instagram, Skype, etc. Great Isn’t it?

Final Note

We hope this write-up might have helped you to understand why WordPress is a great platform for your business.

You can run your commercial website on WordPress. You can change your professional site into an online store. For this, you can employ the plugins like WooCokmmerce and Ecommerce.

Still, have any concerns about whether WordPress can handle your business requirement? Get in touch with an established WordPress today and grow your business exponentially!!

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