Why Symfony framework is a great choice for PHP Web Development?

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Why Symfony framework is a great choice for PHP Web Development

Today, sharing information between mobile and web-based applications is becoming more common. Most IT systems utilize relational databases (a large portion of which are built using an object-oriented approach), From basic corporate websites to sophisticated systems that support eCommerce.

With the ever-growing need for better web-based applications, frameworks are becoming more well-known. They allow you to improve the effectiveness of programming. One example we'll discuss this morning is an example of a PHP Web Application Framework, Symfony.

Symfony is an adaptable PHP framework that lets you modify or create code you have already written. It offers tools to handle mistakes and troubleshoot PHP code quickly. Symfony is a collection of reused PHP bundles and components that can help you save time when you need to improve your store by adding more features. Symfony Framework can be the ideal solution for your Web Design London company needs.

PHP Symfony framework – overview:

Symfony framework is a collection of reusable PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a Philosophy, and a community that all work perfectly. Symfony structure development is managed by the Symfony Core Team and is backed by Symfony contributors.
Symfony seeks to accelerate the development and maintenance of web-based applications and eliminate repetitive programming tasks.

Numerous platforms worldwide use the Symfony framework - which includes Sylius, Shopware, Pimcore and Akeneo because it's fast as well as efficient and flexible.

Symfony is a cross-platform framework. Symfony Framework can be described as a cross-platform platform solution that you can use regardless of your operating system. The significant characteristics included in Symfony are:

  • MVC design pattern
  • Object-oriented programming
  • The ease of installation and configuration
  • Session management
  • Built-in internationalization
  • Integration with Doctrine

Simpler and faster route to be successful:

Symfony framework is easy and simple. The PHP framework Symfony is among the most effective frameworks. The process of creating as well as maintaining PHP code within Symfony is easy and efficient. In addition, using Symfony's framework and the reused Symfony components is cost-effective and means that users don't need to create their tools since they've already developed and modified them.

Symfony REST / GraphQL backend:

Symfony is a backend that provides the REST and GraphQL API that the frontend interface interacts with. The interface lets you connect to mobile applications or other applications, thanks to which it's possible to create an application tailored to various ends.

Management of cache:

The primary benefit of Symfony PHP is that the Symfony PHP framework is caching management. This is because MySQL executes every query that Symfony reads. Additionally, all instructions are stored in MySQL and can be utilized efficiently in the future. There is also a feature known as a caching fragment, which preserves page fragments, thereby reducing the number of queries for the database, should it be needed. This is an effective option, e.g., when creating an online shopping cart, user login statuses, or submitting blog comments.


It's a feature that lets to include/require the use of files with an appropriate class name.
If you plan to incorporate a new class within your project, it is necessary to include it. In simple terms, Symfony autoloader allows you to specify the course search paths so that you won't need to upload the files containing the types manually.

Symfony Framework Bundle:

The components used to build applications with Symfony are known as bundles. They are files in bundles that allow the creation of various functions within the application or platform (e.g. the chat feature and the shopping cart).

The modular design of Symfony lets Symfony Web Development London companies utilize only particular bundles in specific projects. This means that the number of unnecessary elements and repetitive programming tasks decreases. Additionally, each bundle comes with in-depth documentation for each bundle; therefore, adding new modules is simple. This is why Symfony lets you create an application (web application) that is perfect for every business.


The most challenging thing for Web Designer London companies is maintaining the application's health. A Symfony profiler is a tool that monitors an app's behavior by mapping the backend's activities and actions.

It appears as an informational screen in the middle of the page. It could be further extended into a dashboard to monitor all processes, like routing, user authentication, and end-to-end logging.


A symphony composer is an effective tool for managing all components. It can be used to install different Symfony components and other external applications within the Symfony framework, which makes it easy for Symfony developers. It is also possible to declare libraries with no additional time or effort.

Another benefit is the fact that no Symfony components are enabled automatically. This means that Symfony framework users can utilize them under their preferences.

What is the most effective PHP Framework?

Comparison of Symfony framework with other frameworks:

Choosing the appropriate Framework before beginning a new venture is essential. The variety of solutions can make creating an application complex in the current world. PHP has a wide range of possibilities.

Some of the most widely utilized PHP frameworks include:



Laminas (formerly Zend)



Laravel is among the most famous names in the field of PHP frameworks. Alongside MVC features like ORM RESTful controllers, ORM, the light Blade templates engine, the unit-testing feature and its robust packaging system create Laravel among the top popular PHP frameworks.


It is a vast network of services that provide an instant deployment platform.

It comes with various capabilities that allow the creation of customized applications, like the transfer of data MVC structure and authentication.

It is compatible with third-party libraries and platforms.


Laminas (Zend) Framework is wholly focused on objects. Its engine comprises various tools designed to build corporate applications, greatly easing working on complex and challenging projects.


It also includes internal tools to accelerate the creation process, including an editor that drags and drops and an online debugging system.

It is compliant with the PHP-FIG standards. This means that the code can be converted into other frameworks.


Yii is an object-oriented PHP framework based on the Don't repeat Yourself (DRY) notion. Due to its more manageable learning curve, it's considered an immediate rival to Symfony, which is a good choice for novices.


Easy installation process

Secure and robust features

Quick, efficient, effective, and easily expandable


Symfony has been around longer than most PHP frameworks and has been a trusted choice for developers since 2005. The most prominent players in the market utilize Symfony components.


It's ideal when you have to create scalable projects because of the modularity of components.

It has a toolbar that makes it easy to debug and test software.

It is independent of the engine for the database and lets you integrate libraries of other suppliers.

Documentation, as well as a massive community

Who is using Symfony?

  • Symfony framework was a huge help to many eCommerce or Web Design Agency London companies in creating their sites. A few of the most well-known companies who are benefiting from Symfony PHP framework include:
  • Spotify makes use of its Symfony framework for managing user accounts
  • Trivago - Symfony allows users to enjoy the best experience while trying to find and compare different hotels and accommodation options
  • BlaBlaCar Symfony can be used for both the front and the backend of a site as well as a mobile app
  • DailyMotion - the ease of creating new features and features with the help of a vast selection of components
  • Sylius is an exciting illustration for an eCommerce-related framework that makes use of the Framework

Final Words: Is Symfony PHP Framework the right option for any business?

In the end, Symfony allows you to check your code and eliminate any problems. Furthermore, professional approaches to programming and a focus on good practices make it simpler to develop applications in the future.

Suppose you're looking for a skilled Symfony London Web Design Agency or want to build your project. Set up a no-cost consultation with specialists. They'll do their best to assist you in creating an eCommerce website.

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