Blockchain Game Development To Create P2E Games 2022

Blockchain | 22-09-2022 | Kishan Singh Rathore

blockchain game development to create p2e games 2022

There is a dizzying pace of growth in the blockchain gaming landscape, and GameFi is one of the hottest buzzwords. Added to that, there is a trending array of play-to-earn games to take advantage of, creating a gold mine of opportunities. How can you help? Make sure you get involved early in the blockchain game dapp development services. It's mind-blowing how many blockchain powered gaming solutions there are. You can also benefit from technological advancements.

We are here to help you understand the nuances of play-to-earn blockchain games and GameFi.

A Future for Blockchain Gaming and Play-to-Earn

With new technology trends integrating into gaming, the future of gaming is all set to grow in value. Blockchain gaming has some exciting aspects that reaffirm its promising future.

There will be over a $2.8 billion valuation for the GameFi industry in six years, based on the rapid increase in GameFi projects in 2021.

During the first half of 2021, the global NFT market was valued at $2.5 billion. Now that NFTs have joined the market, more companies are interested in building blockchain gaming businesses.

The number of blockchain games has grown to over 1550 as of June 2022.

The Ethereum Blockchain, Polygon Blockchain, Harmony Blockchain, Solana Blockchain, and BNB Smart Chain (BSC) are just a few of the many blockchains used to provide games to the public.

Globally, these platforms are used by millions of people. Let's take a closer look at each game.

1) Axie Infinity

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens are the official currency of Axie infinity. Around $2.6 billion worth of SLP tokens are traded each day.

- The company was founded in 2018.
- The number of active users More than 2 million
- The native token AXS
- The company was founded by Nguyen Thanh Trung
- A blockchain: ETH Network

2) Alien Worlds

An alien world game simulates Earth's economic conditions. This game's official token is Trillium (TLS). In Alien Worlds, users can mine TLS tokens by completing various missions.

Using NFT, players can purchase many tools that will improve their mining efficiency in 2055, where everything can be tokenized through the game.

- The company was founded in 2020
- Activated users approximately 700,000
- The native token TLM
- The company was founded by Sarojini McKennas
- The blockchain: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, WAX

3) A Splinter Land

Players earn rewards by playing together in Splinterlands trading card games. As a reward for playing Splinterlands, players receive Dark Energy Crystals (DEC).

- The company was founded in 2021
- User activity is 250K
- The native token Dark energy crystals (DEC)
- The company was founded by Matthew Rosen
- The blockchain: The hive

4) Farmers World

In addition to the NFT, the game allows its players to earn tokens. Fish, poultry, and trees can also be cultivated along with farms. To collect resources, players can visit other farms to compete with other farm owners.

- Incorporated in 2021
- User activity 150,000
- Token native to the country Farmers World Wood (FWW)
- The company was founded by G.JIT Japan Institute
- The blockchain: The wax

5) An atlas of stars

There is a virtual world in the game. During the game, players compete and collaborate in the year 2620. There are two cryptocurrencies supported by the game, ATLAS and POLIS.

- The company was founded in 2021
- The number of active users Not available
- Token native to the country POLIS & ATLAS
- The company was founded by Michael Wagner
- The blockchain: Solana

6) The Sandbox

This is an old list of games, but The Sandbox is one of them. A relaunch of the game based on NFT took place in 2021.

- The company was founded in 2012
- The number of active users 300,000
- The native token The sand
- The company was founded by Arthur Madrid
- The blockchain: ETH

Play To Earn Game Development Features (CHANGES)

A Decentralized System

Using blockchain technology, create Play to Earn games that are decentralized and immutable.

Media that is interactive

NFT Visuals are used in the Blockchain Sports Betting Game Development of our P2E Gaming platform, allowing players to interact with other players.

Planning and analyzing games

We Ensure that the game platform, features, and in-game assets are fully analyzed & planned before development begins.

Legitimacy & Ownership

We create P2E games that give players full ownership of in-game assets, NFTs, and the ability to vote for updates.

The micropayments system

We Players can earn money by exchanging their rewards or assets within the gaming platform via micropayments.

A transparent process

There is no scarcity of assets inside the games due to the transparent transactions on the platforms.

How to make engaging P2E games

To increase your game's chances of success in the market, follow these best game-making practices. Additionally, following best Blockchain Game Clone Development practices can save you time and money during game development.

1. Develop games that are highly scalable

You can launch your games on a variety of platforms, including mobile, desktop, iMacs, and gaming consoles.

The more platforms your game is distributed on, the quicker you will be able to attract more players. Through engagement within your published game, you can generate a better revenue stream.

2. Tokenomics: an introduction

Those who play Tokenomics will be able to transfer and trade cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other digital assets within the game. Game developers may find it difficult to introduce tokenomics into their games.

3. Platform selection should be improved

Your game development should also include choosing a reliable blockchain platform. In order to select the best blockchain platform, you should consider factors such as translation speed, transaction fees, sustainability, NFT support, etc.

4. Creating attractive graphics

Most games on the market performing well have eye-catching graphics, haven't you noticed? That's why you need good pictures, such as better visuals of characters, scenes, and game interfaces.

To create and publish your play-to-earn games and earn greater returns, you can check out top free game development tools instead of buying expensive software.

Play-to-earn Game Development Tools

Games can be made using a variety of free software that will save you money and allow you to invest that money in graphics, marketing, and other important factors.

Learn how to make play-to-earn games with the best tools.

1) Construct 3

Your game programming needs to be done using Construct 3.

A drag-and-drop interface is included with Construct 3. Various logics have already been programmed into the tools in order to convert the necessary classes/functions.

2) Version 2 of GameMaker Studio

Like Construct 3, GameMaker Studio 2 offers a drag-and-drop interface, so developers do not have to worry about programming. Aside from that, the platform also supports a language similar to C that is used for coding.

3) In unity

Many successful Unity games have been exported, such as Monument Valley, Crossy Road, etc. Both 2D and 3D games can be programmed on the platform.

4) Godot Engine

In addition to supporting 2D game development, Godot Engine also supports 3D game development. There are various gaming elements on the platform, such as sounds, sprites, and scripts. Game developers can also combine Godot's varied gaming scenes to create an overall scene for their games.

Furthermore, Godot Engine supports drag-and-drop scripting, making game development quick and easy.

5) A new version of the Unreal Engine

In addition to artificial intelligence and cinematic tools, Unreal Engine 5 also supports post-production effects. You will benefit from these advanced features if you plan on making AAA games.


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