How Can Animated Explainer Videos be an Effective Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing | 05-01-2022 | Anna Watson

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According to Invisia, viewers recall 95% of a message when watching a video but only 10% when reading it in text. People have fewer attention spans, and if they find a video boring, they tend to skip the video.

Animated videos give the vibes of entertainment to the viewers. It also is one of the most engaging and interesting ways to deliver your message and attract an audience. Animated videos are fun and entertaining to almost everyone, regardless of their age. An animation video production company now is not limited to creating animations for entertainment, but much more.

There are many types of animated videos that you can include in your marketing strategy. This blog will give you insights into the use of animated explainer videos as an effective marketing strategy.

What are animated explainer videos?

Explainer videos have proven to be so successful that they have become the industry standard. However, the effectiveness is mainly determined by the video's quality.

Humans are visual creatures; thus, animated videos are guaranteed to be appealing and eye-catching. Explainer videos that incorporate animation are an excellent method to capture the intricacy and depth of the message and present it to your audience.

Animated explainer videos enable you to create appropriate graphics, characters, scenarios, and visual metaphors to communicate your message and connect with your audience.

How can animated explainers be used in business marketing?

Product Demonstrations

An animator explainer video can be used for presenting your product or service to your target audience in a clear, easily understandable way. It can be used to tell the story of how your business is launched or demonstrate how your product can be used through visuals.

Dropbox, for example, used an animation explainer to present the concept of cloud storage as a magic storage container in a fun and simple way.

Landing page and home page videos

Animated explainer videos on your business landing pages and homepages quickly explain to your audience what you do and encourage visitors to take action. You can also include videos on specialized landing pages to highlight the best features of your products or services.

An animator explainer on your landing page helps you gain a competitive advantage as animations are attractive to all kinds of audiences. This increases dwell time and help you rank better on search engines.

Sales Pitch and Email Marketing

Animated explainers make the content more entertaining, focussed, and, most importantly, memorable. This makes them excellent for presenting a sales pitch or even using it for email marketing. It can give an overview of critical yet in-depth information, deliver call-to-actions, and propose ideas.

Video could also be used as a follow-up technique after a transaction has been made. Whenever a consumer purchases your product, you might send them an email with a video that shows how to put it together or use it to its full potential.

Social media

Animated explainers can use voice, images, text, and animation to convey a lot of information. It can be creatively used to create short videos that deliver the required message to the intended audience. On social media, this may be an effective and engaging method to present your product or service.

Benefits of animated explainer videos in marketing

Now that you know how animator explainer videos can be used in marketing, here are a few insights on how your business will benefit from using animated explainer videos:

Delivers understandable content in a short time frame

Animation can convey complex and abstract information quickly and entertainingly. How your service or product works and how it can solve your audience's problem can be explained in a short time frame.

This is because a voiceover and visuals can both be used simultaneously in an animated video. As there are no hassles in recording physical action, an animated video can easily depict complex scenarios, leaving a lot of room for creativity in the video.

Reflects and builds your brand

You can customize animation by using your brand's aesthetics and nature. You can also build unique animated characters that will become associated with your business. This form of marketing is perfect for establishing and sustaining a loyal consumer base, and it can be done very efficiently with animation.

You can use video to create brand relationships that boost the business's image and potentially increase sales and leads. Businesses can utilize animation to reinforce current relationships and create new ones.

Helps you rank better on search engines

An animated explainer video will immediately capture the attention of the viewers. It helps to keep visitors on a website longer due to its power of engagement and amusement. As a result, it improves SEO and helps a website rank higher in search results.

Improves sales

Animated explainer videos can help in boosting the number of visitors to their websites who could potentially become clients. Moreover, as animations give entertainment vibes, people have an impact that it is not marketing. This means you can market your product or service so that people don't feel the pressure or feeling of an annoying sales approach.


Animated explainer videos are the cheapest and quickest approach to delivering memorable marketing for your product or service. The animator is free to develop and create the scene you have visualized.

Small changes that can make a significant difference, like a character's facial expression, are easy to make in an animated video but can be costly and time-intensive in other forms of videos.

Wrapping It Up

Each video is an opportunity to inspire your viewers and develop visual thinking in them. An animated video can be used for storytelling, customer involvement, and effective marketing.

It promotes brand image by eliciting the desired emotions and connections in the viewer. Furthermore, businesses can employ animated videos to communicate their distinct style and message to their target audiences.

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