Review Statistics To Keep In Mind Before Making Strategies

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Review Statistics To Keep In Mind Before Making Strategies

In case you are still dubious, it is our duty to tell you that online reviews are still in a rage. And it always will be. It is 2023 and shoppers are spending each of their pence wisely.

Many shoppers check the features and benefits before they buy the product. In fact, half of the purchasing-related decisions depend on the products' reviews and feedback. As a result, the online reviews widget has become a savior for many businesses out there. Many businesses rely on online review widget to showcase their social proof and credibility.

Whether people are looking to visit a restaurant or a dentist, they look for reviews beforehand.

Are Reviews Important For Making Strategies?

To answer the question, the existence of reviews and feedback has made shopping easier for everyone. As it has given the brands and businesses the exposure they deserve. Whether we talk about Google reviews, Yelp, or Airbnb reviews, all of them have become deciding factors when it comes to shopping. In today's digital age, the influence of online customer reviews cannot be overstated.

As consumers increasingly rely on the Internet for purchasing decisions, businesses must understand the importance of online customer reviews. These user-generated testimonials have become a powerful tool that can either make or break a company's reputation and success. In fact, chances are your competitors are already opting to embed Google reviews on website.

Shocking Statistics About Online Reviews That You Should Know

Online reviews are an empowering factor; we have some stats to prove this statement. Keep in mind that most of the statistics will not resonate with your current situation in the industry, which is why we have also mentioned how you can tackle the circumstances.

1). Nature Of The Feedback Can Be A Game Changer

As per the reports by PowerReviews, it is revealed that nearly 99% of your target customers look for reviews and feedback from your past customers. One significant number that you should remember is that -, 96% of target customers look for unfavorable reviews.

When people look for negative reviews, it shows they want to ensure your business is trustworthy. They want to know all the possible weak points of a brand or business before they invest. If the downsides are avoidable, customers feel assured about their conclusion.

2). Customers Trust Reviews

While you are in business, you should be aware that reviews hold more than enough importance.

According to findings from BrightLocal reports, approximately half of consumers, or 49%, place the same level of trust in reviews as they do in personal recommendations from their friends and family.

Your potential customers are naturally skeptical when trying out a new product or service, and they seek assurance from others who have already experienced it. Positive reviews from satisfied customers act as social proof, instilling confidence and reducing skepticism. When prospects see that others have had a positive experience, they are more likely to trust the brand and make a purchase.

3). Greater The Number Of Reviews, Greater The Reputation

In a recent study conducted by BrightLocal, it was discovered that 60% of consumers consider the quantity of reviews a business has to be a crucial factor when evaluating and determining whether or not to engage with its services.

When it comes to a company's reputation, it is crucial for attracting and retaining customers. There is no doubt in the fact that online customer reviews significantly contribute to shaping a business's reputation. Positive reviews highlight the strengths and benefits of a product or service, creating a favorable image in the eyes of potential customers.

Similarly, negative reviews can tarnish a brand's reputation and discourage prospects from engaging with it. Maintaining a positive online reputation is vital for sustained business growth in today's competitive landscape.

4). Advertisements Are Old Fashioned And Fake

Gone are the days when people used to be fascinated by advertisements. Nowadays people have become nosy about advertisements. In fact, advertisements have become an old traditional way of marketing. And trust us, customers have yet to have time to watch your commercial. And no offense to your content writers but nobody read your web copy or ad copy.

According to data unveiled by Performance Marketing World, a significant majority of millennials, specifically 84%, exhibit a lack of trust in traditional forms of advertising.

This is because shoppers are now more interested in user-generated testimonials. They look for testimonials when they shop to validate their purchasing experience. These testimonials help the business owners as well as the shoppers to cut through the defending noise of digital clutter.

5). Shoppers Look For Feedback- Outside Your Store

Let’s face it. 90% of you (Shoppers) use your mobile phone while in a shop. Most of the time, the purpose of it is to check the features of the products and mainly its reviews. In fact, most of the shoppers also visit the brand’s website, to check its authenticity in the industry. And chances are they will look for testimonials. To tackle such a situation beforehand, you can embed Google reviews on website.

The market is saturated. How would you make your mark?

In a saturated marketplace, where numerous businesses offer similar products or services, online customer reviews can serve as a crucial differentiator. Positive reviews act as endorsements, setting a company apart from its competitors. Consumers are more likely to choose a brand that has received glowing recommendations from others.

By consistently providing excellent products and services and actively encouraging customers to share their experiences, businesses can gain a competitive edge and attract a more extensive customer base.

6). Shoppers Have A Preference For Minimum Star Rating Acceptance

Recent research by Search Engine Land has indicated that 13% of consumers will contemplate using a company with a rating of 2 stars or less. Moreover, 87% of potential customers do not consider businesses with low ratings.

A star rating or average rating is one of the most important factors when shopping for a business. This gives your potential customer an overview of what they can expect from the business. Think of it this way. Your target buyer is surfing the internet and they come across your business, just to see a 3-star rating. There are negligible chances they will consider you.

This clearly depicts how important it is for businesses to get at least 3.4 stars to look considerable to their target audience.

7). Customer Prefers To See More Than A 100 Reviews

According to reports from PowerReviews, a substantial 43% of consumers have expressed their desire to see over 100 reviews for any given product.

When people go to shop, they want to make sure that their business has spent enough time in the industry. And this preference towards more than 100 reviews is a clear indication. It is obvious that your business cannot make 100 reviews in a month. Even if it does, it is either extremely good or extremely bad. Either way, it is a win-win situation for your target audience. But in a normal world, where things work slowly and take time, more than 100 reviews are a good indicator that your business is doing great in the industry at a normal pace.

8). Customers Want To Get A Reply To Their Review Within 7 Days

When customers leave you a review, they want you to take charge and respond to their concern within 7 days.

According to a report from Review Trackers, a significant 53% of customers have an expectation for brands and businesses to address negative feedback within a timeframe of 7 days.

Responding to reviews might indeed take time. But there are so many benefits that it will outweigh your reason. For starters, responding to negative feedback helps businesses to directly connect with their customers and address their concerns. When businesses take charge of their inconvenience, they trust you for future purchases. Moreover, it is also a great chance to build a business relationship with the customers.

For example, if as a business owner, you reply to their concern empathetically, they will get more drawn towards your business.

9). Adult Trust Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations

Bright Local's research indicates that almost 90% of individuals aged 18 to 34 place the same level of trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations.

It is an undeniable fact that people influence people. And the given data has also validated the statement. Your target audience will not visit your restaurant if their group is not talking about it. So if you want your target audience to enter your restaurant, you have to enter your group chat.

A large part of shoppers are millennials. And one of the best ways to impress your millennial to shop from your business is to provide them value for money.

Trust us on this, the millennials are the most mindful shoppers. They would not buy something just because it looks aesthetic. Another great way to attract millennial customers to your business is to offer them customization. Millennials love it when businesses provide them with a tailored experience. If you want to please the majority of shoppers use their presence in your shop (online or offline) to impress them with your customization features.

10). Sustainable Travelling Is A Priority Now

If we had talked a few years back, there was no such thing as sustainable traveling. However, As people are becoming more environmentally conscious and friendly, today the world is prioritizing sustainable traveling.

And as per the reports by Travel Recovery Trend, sustainability in travel reviews has become a common theme. This clearly indicates that it is high time you include these in your Hospitality business.

Another common set of phrases that occurs in the reviews by the guests is as follows:

Renewable energy

Single Use Plastics

Electric Car Charging

LED light bulbs

11). Fewer Travels Leave Hotel Reviews Voluntarily

In recent research conducted by BrightLocal, it was discovered that a significant 78% of travelers do not voluntarily post online reviews for hotels. This highlights the fact that businesses cannot solely depend on customers to provide reviews after using their services.
Some of the best ways to ask for reviews from your customers are given below.

Ask them through emails.

Ask in person.

Use SMS marketing.

Embed Google reviews on website.

Add a CTA on your website or on every landing page.

12). Most of Your Customer Do Not Trust 5-Star Reviews

After thorough research, Podium has found out that 68% of consumers either “agree” or “somewhat agree” that a high review rating is not trustworthy. The only way they trust the 5-star reviews is that there is a high quantity of reviews.

Having a 5-star reviews rating for a business can be fishy. Most of the time, businesses just have the star ratings and do not have a written testimonial or experience of how the customers felt while using the product or service. This might make your chase skeptical. And keeping the statistics in mind might make you less likely to be trustworthy.

Hence, as a business owner, it is crucial for you to actively motivate your customers to share reviews for your business. Pay attention to what type of reviews and feedback you receive. For example, if you are just receiving star ratings, ask your customers to explain their experience, what did they like and how was their overall experience. Remember that negative reviews are not bad, they add an authentic touch to your business. So instead of deleting negative reviews, deal with them politely.

The Bottom Line Is…

Online customer reviews have emerged as a powerful force in shaping consumer behavior and influencing business success. They build trust, enhance reputation, improve search engine rankings, provide valuable feedback, and differentiate a brand from its competitors.

As businesses navigate the digital landscape, understanding and harnessing the power of online customer reviews is crucial. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and actively engaging with reviews, companies can build a strong online presence, establish credibility, and ultimately drive long-term growth.

It is undeniable that despite your best efforts, there will inevitably be instances where you receive a negative review. The spirit of business lies in bouncing back and handling your customers politely.


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