Top 5 Skills to Look Out for When You Hire Django Developers

Guest Post | 25-05-2023 | Niraj Jagwani

Top 5 Skills to Look Out for When You Hire Django Developers

Django is a high-level Python web framework that is built by proficient developers. It enables rapid and secure website development. Developers generally prefer Django web development services to build fast and scalable websites because of its open-source framework that offers various support options(both paid and unpaid).

Django is versatile and can be used to build almost any type of website in almost any format. It provides protection against many vulnerabilities and enables developers to avoid common security mistakes, thus making the website secure and easy to maintain.

With multiple hiring options available, you can connect with a Django development company or work with a freelancer.

Benefits of Choosing Django Framework

Django is a versatile language that developers use to create different types of websites such as CMS, social media platforms, etc.

It is SEO friendly, allowing developers to apply commonly used SEO techniques like slugs and sitemaps on the framework level. Resilient websites can be built using Django that are safe from threats like XSS, SQL injection, and CSRF.

Django is based on Python so developers can also utilize the benefits of features of Python’s AI and ML capabilities to build robust websites. Its flexible nature is helpful in creating scalable websites, thus making it a preferred choice for a lot of companies.

What makes Django different from other frameworks?

Django has virtually no analogs which reduces the time taken in writing the necessary admin interface. It also allows users to work immediately on the site even in the initial stage of development, which means, developers can show the site to the client and discuss further development plans to suit their needs.

It also comes with additional features such as sitemaps, user authentication and content administration to assist at every stage of the web development process.

Security is never a worry with Django as it provides protection from all possible threats and security-related errors like clickjacking, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and forgery.

If you want to build scalable websites that can handle high traffic, then Django is your ideal choice.

Django is versatile and can be used to create applications across a variety of domains. Companies use it to build various applications like content management systems, social media platforms, etc.

Python is known for its large-scale library of resources and tools. So, Django which is a Python-based framework can also utilize these tools for building large-scale applications. So developers can build feature-rich applications without spending a lot of time finding resources.

It is an easy-to-learn framework. Plus, if developers have prior knowledge of the Python framework, learning Django won’t be complicated.

Applications developed on Django can be used on almost all possible platforms from MacOS to Linux to Windows. The ORM system provided by Django allows the developers to work with several databases simultaneously; this can also be used for efficient database migration without writing any special code.

Developers can create web app UI and business logic components separately with the help of MVC design rules which are supported by Django. It makes the development of big web applications faster as developers can use similar logic on multiple projects.

It also has an active community of developers who update new plug-ins and code snippets. They assist developers in making the development process even more easier and efficient. This also helps to decrease the price significantly as the active community of experts is there for assistance.

Django is a reliable framework that can give excellent results and help in creating stunning websites and applications. It being Python based adds to the benefits as you can leverage the features and good points of Python as well. It allows quick implementation of portal or content projects. Its precise mechanism and convenient ORM make the development more time efficient.

It also allows developers to concentrate on other aspects of the project such as designing and optimizing app functionality. So the whole development process gets enjoyable for developers. Thus, it is something that is beneficial for both beginners and senior developers.

An experienced Django developer can develop and optimize large-scale websites thus leading to efficient functioning of your company. This makes them an excellent asset for your team. While learning Django is a relatively more straightforward framework to learn as it is Python based but still getting used to the MVC framework and languages like XML and CSS can be tricky, this is why it is essential that you hire a developer with just the right skills.

The first thing is obviously knowing about Django and Python, they should be highly proficient with the two frameworks. Also knowledge of SQL and PostgreSQL is also important for building complex sites.

They should also know about database normalization with thorough experience in analyzing and designing large-scale websites. They should know about MVC architecture development.

They should also have knowledge of AWS, GCP and general cloud computing knowledge too as they are now becoming the new normal.

If you also want to hire Django developers but are unsure how to go about it, then keep these five things in mind to hire the right experts who suit your needs.

Technical Skills

Based on the seniority level of the Django developer you hire (junior, intermediate, or senior) you should look for specific skills per their experience level.

A junior Django developer should have a basic knowledge of JavaScript, codes and SQL along with an understanding of Python, C, C++ and Java. In most cases, these developers are fresh out of college, so they might not have years of experience or extensive skillsets. They would require training to learn and gain knowledge about how to work with Django.

A developer at the intermediate level would be someone who has at least three years of experience. They should be able to write scalable and efficient code. They must also thoroughly understand Python, Django and SQL databases. A developer with prior experience in Meteor, NodeJS and React along with REST APIs.

Lastly, a senior Django developer would be someone with five or more years of experience and must have expertise in Django, Python, and related frameworks such as Django REST, Flask and FastAPI. They should know how to scale and optimize websites proficiently. Since these developers are experienced with the framework, they should be able to build, test and debug projects efficiently.

When hiring a senior developer, keep in mind that they are proficient in database frameworks like MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Django ORM, MySQL, and DynamoDB which is essential for building robust websites.

When you hire Django developers, do not just look at their technical skills but also keep their soft skills in mind, like how efficiently they communicate, and how well they manage the team and the tasks assigned. Especially with senior developers as they would be mentoring the juniors, they should have proficient management and communication skills.


Other than the skills, you should also look for the developer’s relevant experience. Their practical experience with the framework will give you an idea about their command and expertise with Django.

With experience comes efficiency, developers gain proficiency when they practically use their code and develop web applications. It helps them assess where their coding skills are lacking, how can they optimize and improve, etc.

It will help you hire the right expert who fits your requirements perfectly. You can ask them questions based on their experience level, like their core skills, how well they understand Python and Django, and how their skills match the project.

An ideal developer with extensive experience will build secondary skills while refining the existing ones through training, mentorship and working themselves. Look at their past projects to assess their coding and problem-solving skills while working on the project.

Knowing how well-experienced the developer is, will help you set clear expectations of them and define their job role accordingly.

Testimonies and References

Make sure that you check their portfolio and verify their background with their previous clients or employer before you hire Django developers for your project. Checking their portfolio will give you a brief idea about their work history, expertise and what are their preferences when selecting the project. You would know if their skills and knowledge are relevant to your project.

Ask them about their experience with the previous company, their job role and how that experience helped them grow. Connect with the Django development company they used to work with to learn more about their working style, how responsible they are and their interpersonal skills.

You can also verify the details provided by the developer from the references provided by them. This will give you a basic understanding of whether the developer can take up the job role efficiently or not.


The budget is the next most significant deciding factor when hiring a Django expert. Depending on how much you are willing to spend for hiring, you can either go for in-house hiring or outsource a Django developer. You can also opt for freelancers if it's a short-term project.

Though in-house hiring is the most expensive, you can hire a dedicated Django developer who will work exclusively for you on-site. So there won’t be any cultural, time or communication gap. If your budget doesn’t allow in-house hiring, you can also outsource Django developers from top software companies.

However, one downside is that, since you will be working with an agency or a third party, it can hamper the progress of your work as the experts might be working on numerous projects simultaneously.

The most cost-effective solution is to hire freelancers on a contractual basis. However, you will be working with an individual developer, so this solution is best suited for simple projects which will be of shorter duration.

Soft Skills

Having mastered the technical skills is important, but that does not mean you can hire Django developers on the basis of their technical expertise alone. An adept developer should have mastered their soft skills as well.

Since they would be working with a team of developers with different seniority and experience levels, they must have proficient communication and management skills. This is especially necessary for developers hired at the intermediate or senior level as they will work closely with the juniors and mentor them.

Look for a developer who is flexible enough to try new approaches in case of any obstacle faced during the development process. They should also have proficient communication skills to avoid communication gaps among the team members or the clients.

Time management skills are also essential for the on-time completion and delivery of the websites they are working on.

To Sum Up

Depending upon the Django web development services you seek, you can choose from the diverse range of options available, both in terms of hiring services and Django experts.

Whether you want to tap into the global talent pool and hire a freelancer or connect with a Django development company to outsource the team of experts or hire a local developer who will work on-site, it is your call.

While all three methods come with their own pros and cons. You can always do your research and weigh down your options. If you are seeking expert services for a shorter period of time then you can hire freelancers.
However, if it is a long-term project, you can either go for in-house hiring or outsource the experts depending on your budget. In-house hiring can be expensive but will ensure that the developers are dedicated to your project only. But if it is too expensive, outsourcing is also a good option.

We understand that it is not an easy task to hire Django developers, there are a lot of factors associated that determine who you hire and how. You need to make sure that the expert you are hiring has all the relevant skills and is experienced enough to take up the role you expect from them.

Hope these five tips will help you organize your thoughts and map out your requirements so you can hire an expert who fits right in.


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