Best Parental Control Apps for 2019

Mobile Apps | 20-11-2019 | Naman Modi

best parental control apps for 2019

Are you comfortable with your kids and what they do with their phones? As a parent, you want to protect your kids at all costs. As much as technology has contributed to a lot in mobile development, there are also negative aspects of technology and we need to prevent our kids from being exposed to certain vices accessed through the Internet. With cellular phone usage increasing at an alarming rate, our kids risk getting exposed to violence, obscene content, and the preying claws of child traffickers. The Internet has good and evil in equal measures and it’s the evil that you need to protect your children from. This post explores 5 parental control apps that will help you know what your kids are up to with their phones.

Kids Place

As a responsible parent, you need a comprehensive child safety app that restricts how your kids use their phones. If you are one of them, then I suggest you get an app called Kids Place. This nifty app has custom modes and supports multiple user profiles. It allows you to block certain websites, apps, or any other kind of obscene content. Parents can also monitor calls and messages with it. The app has plenty of positive reviews from parents who have installed and used it. You can easily control your kids' activities using this app. It has a good reception with 1 million downloads on Google Play.

Screen Time Parental Control

Its name spells it all out for you. It’s an app to control the time your kids spend on their mobile gadgets. It’s a free Android app that runs without too much hassle. If your kids don’t have the self-discipline of leaving their phones for dinner and other important stuff, you need to use this app to control the phone time so that other home activities are accomplished. There is an app block feature that restricts certain apps from being accessed by your kids from your phone. It has received some love from parents with 500,000 downloads from its belt.

Kids Zone

This app is built especially for parents who share their smartphones with their kids. The app allows parents and guardians to easily restrict the way they use your device. Kids Zone lets you create your kid’s profile and let him or her have restricted access to certain apps and areas of your phone. Parents can also monitor every move their kids make. There is also an option to restrict data usage on their gadgets. You can count on this app if you have not bought them their own. Although it has received positive reviews from parents mentioning how it has helped them manage their kids, it only has 100,000 downloads.

KuuKla Parental Control

Another great parental control app to control your kids and their phones is called KuuKla. It’s easy to use the Android parental control app that is freely available. The app allows you to easily restrict the way your kids use a device by setting pins. It also has a time management feature to control and monitor their screen time. This parental control app allows parents to select the kind of apps you want your kids to access and handpick their duration on that app. It’s a perfect app if you want to plan your time. One drawback of this app is the lack of customization options.

Parental Control Board

With plenty of customization features, the Parental Control Board is the most effective parental safety app for Android users. Some of its advanced features include setting time limits, app restriction, content blocking, monitoring of calls and messages, and more. Another great thing about this app is its free trial version which doesn’t have advanced options. You can only access the advanced version from a paid version account that costs $12 a year. It has over 50,000 users and has various in-app purchases.

Final Thoughts

This five parental app for Android users does a great job of monitoring your children’s phone use. The apps allow you to create a nurturing environment for your kids to grow up safely with good morals. Smartphones are great communication devices that allow people to interact with one another easily. But if used in the wrong way, they can l also be used to ruin good morals. Since we are not always there with our kids, we can count on parental control app development by app development company to help us with that.

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