AI for SEO: How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Boost Rankings

SEO | 20-10-2023 | Nouman Sabir

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For businesses looking to succeed in the increasingly cutthroat online marketplace, staying ahead of the curve in the constantly changing digital world is essential. The growth of artificial intelligence in SEO (AI in SEO) is among the most significant recent advances. But how can companies use this technology to outperform the competition and enhance their online visibility? In this blog article, we'll examine the advantages, resources, and tactics that will enable you to leverage the power of artificial intelligence in SEO and produce outstanding outcomes.

The part AI plays in SEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the SEO industry by streamlining difficult procedures and offering insightful data that can be used to improve a company's website's functionality and search engine rankings. Automation of chores, data analysis, and insight generation are all components of AI's function in SEO. These factors improve website performance and search engine ranks.
By combining human creativity and AI assistance, it is possible to create AI-generated material that is both thought up and optimized by AI while keeping the relevance, accuracy, and uniqueness that only human contribution can offer.

How does AI help in ranking?

Better keywords

Finding suitable keywords fast is one of the nicest things about AI. You may search for SEO-related articles by typing in terms and phrases connected to your company. Establishing what your audience is seeking on search engines is much simpler as a result. You may locate keywords with less competition using several SEO tools.They display to users the level of competition for each term. These are frequently constructed from many words. This enables the creation of content using words and phrases with the least amount of competition. The chances of the pages ranking highly in search results increase with the length of the keywords. This therefore increases the amount of traffic to your pages.

Track competitors

Not everyone is creative enough to carry out effective SEO methods on their own. Therefore, keeping an eye on what your rivals are doing is a wise move. The backlink catalogs of other businesses, for instance, might be viewed to do this. The data illustrates the kind of material that people are most interested in.Additionally, it enables businesses to focus their SEO strategy on what has been proven effective. Numerous solutions are available that provide these functions using AI. They display the domain's and specific URLs' current ratings. These tools also provide the proportion of do-follow to no-follow links in addition to the overall number of backlinks.

Extend your local SEO reach

Search for terms that are common in a certain area or language to improve your results. Targeting those who aren't typically in your market helps. For instance, a US business looking to grow in Europe would customize its products for several nations. This SEO tactic also ensures that your company will be seen in the neighborhood. Finding customers in your geographic region is made simpler for small company owners by AI-enhanced SEO. You may move up the search results in your neighborhood with the correct tools. Your listings are updated thanks to technology, which increases the likelihood that your website will show up in search engine results.

Improve your meta descriptions

When evaluating pages, Google doesn't take meta descriptions into account. They are nonetheless essential for page previews in searches. Whatever the area of expertise on your website, concentrate on a strong meta description. It will probably lead to more traffic from organic search. A 1-sentence summary of a page may be created using an AI technique as meta descriptions don't affect how websites rank. It will save you time over manually crafting a description and has no impact on how the page ranks. If Google checks your website for AI-generated content, this won't be an issue.


Significant chances for optimization are offered by artificial intelligence for search. You will observe a move toward search optimization automation in order to benefit from all the algorithm adjustments, though.Artificial intelligence is affecting SEO by aiding in the automation of the process of managing and improving digital marketing activities. Top AI firms employ software that aids in data analysis so they may better understand target audiences, buying trends, and future behavior.

Utilizing predictive analytics for SEO

Maintaining a competitive edge is crucial in the fast-paced world of SEO. Through the use of predictive analytics, AI plays a significant role. Traditional SEO techniques sometimes rely on old data, which might not necessarily represent the most recent developments. On the other side, AI is excellent at identifying new trends and forecasting future SEO trends. AI can help you develop your SEO strategy by evaluating massive volumes of data, including user behavior and search patterns.

Creation of Content

The production and optimization of content can benefit from artificial intelligence. It may assist you in determining the best keywords depending on your target market, uncover possibilities for link building, and even propose hot subjects for your field. By producing superior content on hot topics, you may use keyword insights to outrank your rivals. That's not all; comprehending user intent, it may also direct users on your website or page. Furthermore, crowds might be attracted by visual material. With numerous types of infographics, graphs & charts, screenshots, and photos, user engagement may be swiftly increased. This promotes more conversions and better user experiences.

Voice and Text Search

Text search for artificial intelligence requires both the system's capacity to automatically adapt to what the user is learning and learning from the user to deliver the next best practice.Voice search is different from standard search in that it tends to take the form of a question and is more conversation-focused. This should be addressed appropriately by your SEO. For voice search to work, natural language comprehension is necessary. Everybody speaks and types differently. Therefore, SEO experts must rely on extracting long-tail keywords from voice-search data.

Superior User Experience

In order to improve the user experience on a website, AI is essential. AI-driven SEO may customize search results, improve website UX, and boost customer happiness by examining user behavior and preferences. Small companies may utilize this technology to make their websites more user-friendly, which will boost SEO performance and raise their search ranks. Additionally, companies may increase their exposure in voice search results by integrating rich snippets and giving concise responses to specific questions.

Data analysis

Large data sets may be analyzed by AI, which can then yield insights that can be used by firms to enhance their SEO tactics. For instance, AI-powered solutions may evaluate user behavior and website traffic to help firms spot areas for development.Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two AI tools that produce thorough reports on the performance of your website and offer a variety of useful information. To help your site rank higher on SERPs, you may determine which pages aren't ranking organically and employ AI-generated keyword suggestions.

Improve page loading

Page loading speed affects both search engine optimization and user experience. In order to avoid delays, make sure your website loads promptly.The program assigns a performance score to your website between 0 and 100. The better, the higher the number.

Content optimization

The main components of content optimization have always been backlinks, internal links, and other on-page SEO strategies. Although these elements are still important, search engines are seeking something more. In order to optimize your content for user intent, you need artificial intelligence (AI), as search engines are progressively understanding what users are looking for when they search. AI SEO techniques may be used to create subject clusters that respond to user searches. The tools further aid in your comprehension of proper keyword and LSI usage. Additionally, you may determine the optimal word count for the information you have recommended.

Top AI tools that can help website ranking

In this section, we shall provide the best AI SEO tools that will help you optimize your site for stronger search results. The tools help to analyze ranking indicators and give users clear instructions on how they can improve their content within no time.

Market Brew

Through marketbrew, a search engine modeling tool, users can predict where their pages will ranks before publishing them. The device has several parameters that it compares with trends in organic web traffic, keywords, and Google Analytics information. The users can create its own testing environment by using several search engines’ models with each other. This tool also provides detailed reports that help customers develop a good SEO content strategy.


Frase, an AI SEO tool, provides a user-friendly interface for organizing, creating, and optimizing material. Provide the name of your entry and the software will automatically scan the contents of your top competitors. All analysis results are available in the sidebar of the editor interface in our AI SEO platform and a user can optimize text while writing it. Integrated AI writer can support coming up with ideas and simplify the content creation process.


WordLift, a new artificial intelligence powered SEO tool. Aiming at SEO for the future, it makes structured data by way of the bespoke knowledge graph tool driven by AI. In other words, WordLift amends the description of the meta HTML files with texts. It also comes with recommendations of content that provide a better experience for users who visit your site.

Alli AI

On a single platform, Alli AI provides a solution for deployment, automation, and optimization. It is intended for businesses, agencies, and bigger e-commerce sites. By integrating software inside the site, enabling on-page SEO, and enabling real-time deployment, Alli AI keeps an eye on larger websites and provides recommendations for code and content. Artificial intelligence continuously evaluates and updates your website.


An AI SEO tool called Serpstat provides detailed yet user-friendly website performance metrics. It allows you to track market share changes, historical SERP data, and traffic dispersion in addition to standard SEO analytics.To strengthen your company's visibility and reputation in Google Business Profile, Serpstat additionally offers a local SEO solution. It also interfaces with Google products like Looker Studio, scheduling apps, and other SEO tools.


To content marketers, outranking is the best AI SEO solution since it comes with many capabilities that make content optimization strategy simpler. It helps the users to analyze the keywords, create topics as well as silo content with only one tool. It is a device that is popularly known for its tool of analysing internal links, page optimization as well as on-title and content optimization. To that end, it checks ten ranking factors as well as the number of sentences and words you have.

Surfer SEO

The workflow process of content creation and planning is simplified by an available AI SEO tool known as surfer. It aids in streamlining tasks such as content audits, authoring, and keyword optimization. This tool performs a check on the created SEO content in real time giving information about its quality and keyword use efficiency. Also, it connects with Google docs and Jasper making the process between the applications seamless. Surfer is mostly beneficial to bloggers and media outlets that frequently produce optimized content.


Using SEO principles can be quite hard. Nonetheless, some highly efficient AI-driven approaches can be employed in controlling and accomplishing this particular project. Watch what other people are doing, improve SERP ratings, and monitor current site condition. All you need is a well-formulated plan through which you can execute it with ease. You will need to analyze your current performance, choose suitable instruments, monitor your campaign, and make respective changes while putting together an AI-powered SEO strategy. By following the above-described steps your company can perform amazing results and be always ahead of its competitors using the power of AI.

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