Latest Amazon SEO Trends in 2023 to Improve Your Rankings

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Amazon SEO Trends

Amazon is one of the biggest and most rapidly expanding online eCommerce marketplaces in the world. It has over 300 million active customer accounts and over 1.9 million-selling partners worldwide. With Amazon’s success, the competition has increased in recent years, especially for sellers.

You can't just post products on Amazon and relax. You must also implement Amazon store SEO techniques to differentiate your business from the competition and attract more customers. Amazon SEO is the technique of enhancing Amazon product listings to rank better in Amazon search results. It helps the sellers drive more traffic to their product listing, increase product and brand visibility, and boost conversion rates and sales growth.

In this blog, We'll discuss the latest Amazon SEO trends and how sellers can use them.

1. Amazon Keyword Research

Keywords and SEO go hand in hand. Keyword research is essential to the Amazon SEO process. It involves identifying and assessing the terms people enter into search engines. The most effective keywords are used judiciously across product listing content to help the product appear higher in the search results.

Here are some helpful pointers to get you started on optimizing your Amazon keyword usage:

Choose and focus on your target audience-

Finding your target audience is the first step in selecting the best keywords. For instance, if you sell shoes for athletes, apart from using generic keywords like “shoes" or "fit" on your listing, focus on fitness-related keywords like “shoes for athletes,” “sports shoes,” etc. Adding such keywords to a listing helps improve its visibility and reach when a customer searches for the product.

Create a keyword list using Amazon’s search bar-

Use the Amazon search bar to find keywords related to your product. Simply enter some relevant keywords into the search bar. Amazon auto-suggestion will provide you with a list of keywords users have searched for that are similar to your primary query. Utilizing Amazon's search bar recommendations help you get a sense of what kinds of words are used for the product users are looking for.

Use a keyword research tool-

There are a lot of keyword research tools available in the market. These tools help gain up-to-date data on keyword usage and relevance. Amazon keyword research tools enable you to watch and compare search volume indicators related to search terms, come up with fresh keyword suggestions, and assess the effectiveness of a certain phrase for your listing.

Optimize backend keywords-

Backend keywords are long-term keywords that are invisible to the shopper because they aren’t used on the product details page. These can be only seen by the seller when logged into Seller Central. However, Amazon considers these keywords while ranking products. If picked appropriately, the right backend keywords may dramatically increase your chances of getting more sales.

Leverage Amazon brand analytics tool-

Amazon Brand Analytics has started a data revolution by giving sellers access to data generated by customer searches and Amazon sellers. It provides data on customer behavior in addition to the most popular search terms by demographics and time. But only registered sellers have access to it. Overall, Amazon Brand Analytics provides useful data on marketing and advertising.

2. Amazon Posts

Amazon post is a free social commerce tool that enables brand-registered sellers to advertise their products. Sellers can post distinctive lifestyle photos and material about their products through a "feed" that resembles any other social media channel. Customers may choose to "follow" a brand by clicking the “Follow” button on a brand's Post or Store page, just like they can do with a social network account. This enables customers to view more of your material on Amazon. The best part is each post contains the backlink of the product. The customers can instantly buy the product, increasing the sales rate of the seller.

3. Amazon Share Of Voice (SOV)

Amazon SOV is the percentage of the market that your brand controls in relation to rival brands. Your SOV reflects your brand's power on Amazon, ownership of consumer discourse, and visibility within the target market. However, your brand's potential to collect SOV will vary depending on various elements, including pricing, content, keyword research, discoverability, and product ratings and reviews. Altogether, SOV will help the seller regulate the brand's health and perform competitive research and analysis. When SOV is performed and tracked correctly, it shows the sellers where they lack in advertising their products.

4. Amazon Video Marketing

The term "video marketing" refers to using video material to advertise your business and products to audiences. The best way of video marketing is through ads. Video ads are more effective in persuading potential consumers to take action because they are more attention-grabbing than text or still pictures. Additionally, video is the best media for thoroughly describing your product or service since it can transmit complicated information more efficiently than other forms. Additionally, video commercials make viewers feel more personally connected to your brand.

Here are some different video solutions that Amazon Ads offers.

-> Streaming TV ads

-> Sponsored Brands video

-> Video on Amazon DSP

-> Twitch ads

-> Sponsored Display on Fire TV

-> Amazon Live

5. Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon is concerned with customer happiness because they want consumers to keep buying from them and bring in new customers. Good ratings boost a product's ranking since sales are more likely to result from them. Ask consumers to submit reviews for your items when they buy them from you on Amazon. Get people to be open and honest about their experiences. To raise your ranking, you don't necessarily need to receive all 5-star reviews. You just need authentic and honest reviews, it doesn’t matter if it is a 4-star one.


Developing a strong Amazon SEO plan is one of the key components of being a successful Amazon seller. Being updated about the latest SEO trends helps the seller to grow the visibility of their product listing. However, if you feel overwhelmed with staying updated on all these trends, you can simply outsource Amazon store SEO services to an experienced service provider.

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