Outdated YouTube Advice You Should Ignore In 2024

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Outdated YouTube Advice

It's simple to keep up with the newest methods and trends for channel growth in the fast-paced world of YouTube.

Youtube brought some changes in the policies couple of months ago regarding its ranking algorithm, ad monetization, and more.

It's crucial to keep in mind, though, that what functions well now might not in the future.

In light of that, disregard the following ten YouTube tips.

1. Posting Videos every day

On the surface, this appears to be sound guidance for creators of all stripes. More videos, after all, equate to more chances to raise those figures. Does it, however, apply to everyone?

Publish content every day if your main focus is on creating Shorts and you don't need to work long hours on each video. That doesn't seem doable, though, for producers who are mainly interested in long-form videos.

Posting every day is in opposition to your goal of providing your audience with the best videos possible. Thus, your strategy can be selected based on the kind of creator you are.

2. Replicating Successful YouTubers

Now, since we've previously urged aspiring creators to heed this counsel, this may seem contentious from the outset. And doing so does make sense. However, not everyone is inspired by the same types of content or has the same creative style.

Following the kind of content that interests you rather than the creator would be a more astute approach. To put it simply, do your best to create videos that you would enjoy watching yourself.

3. Starting a Separate Channel for Your YouTube Shorts

Some creators are concerned that their channel may suffer if they mix longer and shorter videos. When you adhere to the most important guideline for YouTube growth—making videos for your audience and no one else—it makes sense.

That raises two questions: first, why would viewers want shorts if they are already enjoying your longs, and second, why would they want shorts if they are enjoying your shorts?

Thankfully, you no longer need to be concerned about that issue. Longs and Shorts can now coexist on the same channel thanks to YouTube's efforts to close the gap between them. As users view your shorts, the platform will suggest your longs, enabling you to expand your channel with both kinds of content.

4. Introducing Yourself in Every Video

While greeting viewers with "hello" at the beginning of a video is perfectly acceptable, avoid introducing yourself, your channel, and your niche too frequently. Reiterating this information is redundant once a viewer is aware of it.

Instead, start off by emphasizing the benefits that viewers would receive if they clicked on the video. The primary concept or plot that caught their attention in your title, thumbnail, or video description might be that. That's what they came to see, after all!

5. Focusing on YouTube Tags

Although it's not how they work, many people believe that adding tags to a video will increase views. Tags facilitate content discovery, particularly when the subject is commonly spelled incorrectly.

One excellent example is "Tomatoes.". You can add the common misspelling (tomatoes) as a tag if your video is about growing tomatoes, as many people type "tomatoes" without the E.

In general, tags don't do much to increase your views. According to YouTube, the video's title, description, and thumbnail are the most crucial aspects of video discovery.

6. Only Making Videos for YouTube Search

Users can find videos on the YouTube app or website in a variety of areas. You don't have to give search results pages more importance than other places because they are just one of those places.

Your video might appear in

  • Browse features
  • Suggested videos
  • Channel pages
  • Subscriber notifications
  • Playlists
  • End screens
  • Direct traffic
  • External traffic
  • YouTube advertising
  • Other YouTube features

You're therefore losing out on a ton of views if you only create keyword-focused, search-based videos. We can tell this because video recommendations account for 70% of views on YouTube!

In order for YouTube to suggest your video as the next, it is therefore preferable to create videos that enhance the well-liked, viral content in your niche.

7. Trying to Go Viral too Soon

There are numerous advantages to becoming viral on YouTube, such as drawing in new audience and enhancing your self-assurance as a content producer.

It is seldom discussed, though, how these advantages can also be disadvantageous for creators who aren't accustomed to going viral. They might aim for the wrong audience and experience creative burnout for months while attempting to reach that height once more.

That's why becoming a YouTube sensation is overhyped. The primary causes are as follows:

You don't need the pressure of going viral this early on because it's addictive.

  • It's not always your "real" audience that provides the views.
  • Sometimes, going viral comes with criticism.
  • Visse virale tendenser og vanskeligheder udgør en fare.
  • Getting viral distorts how much is more or less. excellence.
  • You find yourself thinking more about yourself than your audience.

It's easier for an experienced creator to avoid those things, but it can be harder for someone who is new to YouTube.

8. Doing ‘Sub4Sub’ to Get More Subscribers

Sub4Sub is a technique used by two creators to increase each other's channel's total subscriber count. Although it seems harmless enough, there are two reasons why this is the worst thing you can do.

It doesn’t work long-term.

It’s against YouTube’s Terms of Service.

You are prohibited from "causing or encouraging any inaccurate measurements of genuine user engagement with the service, including by paying people or offering them incentives to increase the views, likes, or dislikes of a video, or to increase the number of subscribers to a channel,” according to YouTube.

9. Making Videos for the YouTube Algorithm and Not Your Audience

It's an obsession for some creators to beat the YouTube algorithm. They're curious about every trick in the book for getting a video to rank highly and receive millions of views.

The YouTube algorithm isn't working against anyone or anything, so naturally, there's no "beating" it. All it does is assign viewers to appropriate videos.

You can let the YouTube algorithm, or more precisely the recommendation system, serve your content to viewers if you simply create videos that your target audience wants to watch.

10. Not Seeking Brand Deals as a Small Creator

It's a common misperception that small YouTube creators can't earn anything, much less land brand deals. Surprise! It's not necessary to have millions of subscribers to prove to a brand that you are

worth their money. An audience that responds to your requests for action—such as downloading an ebook or clicking the "like" button—is your proof.

The next step is to get in touch with brands that are in line with the theme of your channel if you can demonstrate that kind of engagement.

Prior to pitching any ideas for how you would promote their most recent good or service, you should put together a media kit.

Outdated Youtube Tips to Ignore in 2024

YouTube's algorithm is subject to frequent changes. This implies that the advice that may have been beneficial to you in the past may not be so beneficial now. These are a few out-of-date YouTube hints that you should disregard in 2024.

Focus on quantity over quality

An antiquated and timeless piece of advice. That may have worked in the past, but in 2023, as the number of channels on YouTube keeps increasing, the platform naturally places more emphasis on content that keeps users interested than on the quantity of content available on the channel.

Although it's advisable to make an effort to upload content frequently, it's crucial to remember that quality comes before quantity.

Ignoring engagement

As annoying as it may be, occasionally quality content alone is insufficient to gain traction on YouTube. only due to the abundance of content available. You should interact with your followers as well as promote your channel. Create a community, respond to comments, host FAQs, and so forth.

Not monitoring traffic

It is crucial that you monitor your progress on a regular basis. YouTube analytics assist you in evaluating the progress of your channel and identifying areas that require attention. It assists you in determining which forms of promotion are effective and ineffective for your channel.

Neglecting mobile optimization

Ignoring mobile optimization can be a major mistake, as mobile devices account for over half of all YouTube views. Make sure the text in your videos is readable and clear, and that the design is responsive for mobile viewing.

YouTubers must make sure they are always aware of the constantly evolving YouTube algorithm. It's crucial to understand that some tips, despite their historical success in driving traffic, may not always be effective.

YouTube Statistics For 2024

As of 2024, YouTube has over 2 point seven billion users, making it the largest platform for sharing videos and the second-largest social media network globally.

By 2025, there will be 2 point 85 billion users on YouTube worldwide, according to estimates.

You've come to the correct spot if you're a marketer or creator looking for more information about the platform.

I've put together a list of comprehensive and current YouTube statistics that should help you get perspective and choose wisely for your upcoming endeavors.

Youtube Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  • By 2024, there will be over 2 billion active users on YouTube.
  • 80 million people use YouTube Premium regularly worldwide.
  • At least once a month, 52% of internet users watch YouTube.
  • Every month, YouTube receives about 113 billion visits.
  • In 2023, advertising on YouTube brought in $22.31 billion.
  • With 467 million users, India is home to the majority of YouTube users. The USA comes in second with 247 million.
  • Men make up 53.9% of YouTube users, while women account for roughly 46.1% of the user base.
  • The age range of 25 to 34 accounts for the majority of YouTube users.
  • Every day, 720,000 hours of video are added to the platform.
  • Every day, 1 billion hours of videos are viewed on YouTube by users.

Be Careful with YouTube Advice

There are three types of advice on YouTube: good, so-so, and dubious, which can lead to the termination of your channel.

This is the reason why conducting research is crucial. Look for advice from a variety of sources and only heed that which is appropriate for your channel.

These suggestions are limited to the current events of happening, it doesn't mean that you should restrictly follows the above. However, for general glance, it can't be ignored as well.

Just remember to keep doing best and honest things for your youtube channel, the best way to grow yourself in the realm of youtube.
Good luck... thanks for reading this blog :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some commonly asked questions related to the myths and youtube advice you should ignore this year.

1. Should I focus solely on keyword stuffing in my YouTube video titles and descriptions?

No, keyword stuffing is outdated. Instead, prioritize creating engaging and descriptive titles and descriptions that accurately reflect your video's content.

2. Is it still effective to buy views and subscribers to grow my YouTube channel?

No, buying views and subscribers is against YouTube's policies and can harm your channel's credibility. Focus on organic growth through high-quality content and audience engagement.

3. Is it necessary to upload videos frequently, even if it compromises quality?

Quality over quantity is key in 2024. Focus on producing well-made, valuable content rather than flooding your channel with frequent uploads.

4. Should I ignore community engagement and only focus on uploading videos?

No, community engagement is crucial for building a loyal audience. Respond to comments, participate in discussions, and interact with your viewers to foster a strong community around your channel.

5. Is it okay to use misleading thumbnails and clickbait titles to attract more views?

No, misleading practices will harm your channel's reputation and trustworthiness. Be transparent and honest in your thumbnails and titles to ensure a positive viewer experience.

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