7 Advantages of Augmented Reality In Retail and eCommerce

Technology | 28-09-2022 | Prashant Pujara

7 advantages of augmented reality in retail and ecommerce

AR in eCommerce benefits customers and brands. It improves sales, brand visibility and experience. In this article, there are seven advantages of AR and the eCommerce industry is evolving for the better good:

Engage customers- experiential marketing is valuable but is the most challenging and restrictive. With the help of AR, one can turn all types of marketing into experiential marketing. The brand engages and even interacts with the customers, and there is a higher chance of success and AR in the automated reality. In the AR world, it is essential to check, feel and see how the product is helpful to you and then invest money in it. For today's online shoppers, it is necessary. For the fashion and beauty industry, it is incredibly effective. You can try the product through the camera app, check whether you look good or bad, and make the best decision. It makes all the online products tangible, improves buyer confidence, and reduces returns. This feature will help the customers to increase their sales. They do not return the products, and this creates brand reliability.

Shopping experience- AR will improve the shopping experience in eCommerce shopping, making the situation interactive. It seems that customers get control of the digital space and are more connected with the product and brand to appeal the most. The shopping experience becomes exclusive. The users spend more time on the app trying different products and finalizing their decision. It gives them the power of window shopping in various shopping malls. The experience is personalized, and the customers will get the exact item of their choice.

Navigation of self-service- if the brick-and-mortar store has an AR feature, then the customers can go through the AR feature and navigate to the exact location where there are favourable products per the customers' choice. With this simple AR feature, the user can purchase the items of their choice without looking back. The employees, on the other hand, will become more productive. It reduces their work pressure, can become accurate with real-time scanning of barcodes through indoor navigation, and offers seamless data integration in warehouse management.

No more hygiene issues- Social distancing is a big issue in the social climate and after the pandemic. Online sales are high, and it helps in cross-contamination. From the comfort of your home, the AR experience of shopping is incredible. You can enjoy the real-time shopping experience; stay-at-home orders are outstanding. With AR, you can try out the product before the purchase, which makes the shopping experience better. AR take care of hygiene issue, and you do not have to wear clothes, in reality, to check how it looks. Also, stock maintenance becomes easy with a single scan system. It increases the store efficiency and follows proper inventory management.

Social media content- with the help of AR, you will get a campaign that offers digital marketing. Now brands do not attract customers with fancy ads, but they use AR to let the users try the products and make a conscious choice to buy the products. With the help of social media content, you can attract new clients. There is no geographical boundary, and you can achieve tremendous success. It even helps the users to return to the same brand shopping with such a fantastic experience.

How can you add AR to the eCommerce site?

Did you already design and launch your website without AR? Do not worry. You do not have to redo the website design again. In the existing eCommerce site, the solution providers of AR will introduce the AR features. If you use Web AR, there is no need for an app. It means that the customers will have full access to the AR experience and even a feature to the website on a direct basis. With the use of Web AR, both businesses, whether big or small, will take advantage of the benefits of AR in eCommerce.

Where can you start?

It starts with the consultations; the service provider of AR will discuss the need and what you wish and desire to get the different options. It helps you attain the goal as per your need. As per the brand size and even the budget, you can scale the experience. You need to select the AR solution which becomes well established in the wide AR range of services. It helps you expand the digital marketing strategy, and even you can include future AR.


If you are looking for AR in your eCommerce business, then this is the time. You can adapt to the changes and take expert help, so you do not have to wait for the feature. In no time, the technology will move from advanced features in online retail. It makes the most of it and gives you a guaranteed quality that you can utilize, making it a perfect choice. It will create the best AR experience for the brands and customers in the long term.

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