7 Common Mistakes In Web Designing

Web Design | 06-11-2019 | Priya Panwar

7 common mistakes in web designing

It is very easy for any organization to design a website and start exploring their products these days. Designing a well maintained and appealing website is one of the best ways of advertising and promoting your business. But you cannot make things perfect in just one go. Here we will discuss some common mistakes that are overshadowed by every web development company. Please have a look:

1.Purpose Not Defined

One of the lacking points in your website is when you design your web pages without having a purpose. When there is no specific meaning to your website you cannot expect it to create business for you. You should always design a purposeful web design where the main aim is to take your audience to the next level.

2.Poor Readability

The content on the website should be easy to understand and interesting. If you are providing your readers with the content that they are unable to read and understand how can you benefit your organization from your web presence? You should provide the content that is encouraging and your audience should love and visit your web pages regularly in order to read your fresh and quality content.

3.Complicated Navigation of your website

If you want your visitors to visit your website easily and hassle-free then it is important that you should design your web pages with easy navigation. Do not add flashes just like anything and do not stuff it with images only. Maintain a balance of images, flash and content to make your website look the best.

4.Slow Loading Pages

You should design your web pages in such a way that the pages should not take very long to appear in front of the visitor. By keeping it short and without adding a dozen pictures you can reduce the loading time of your web page. Nobody likes to click and wait for long to get what they want. If your website takes too long to open your visitor will move to some other website.

5.Horrible Resolution

If we talk about the resolution of your website, it is always good to get a site that does not allow its user to scroll horizontally or vertically. Make sure that the website designers use a standard screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and this is applicable to all internet browsers and mobile devices.

6.Wrong guidance for SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine optimization and it is equally important for your website like any other factor. In terms of desktop browsing and mobile, SEO plays a very significant role. This helps you in making your site rank high in the search engine. The most important thing to keep in mind is that excess of everything is bad. Google loves to penalize websites with an excess of keywords and SEO. Try not to let Google express its love on your website.


It is not an easy task to make your site consistent. Make sure that your homepage link goes back to the homepage from every page on your website. The same is applicable for other links too. Also, it is important for the site’s navigation bars to maintain their standards on every page.

These are some common mistakes that people do not take care of and they fail to promote their business online. By keeping the above-said things in mind and then designing your website will definitely help you in marketing your business.

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