How To Make Responsive Business Websites

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how to make responsive business websites

When it comes to website development, using a responsive website design is no longer an option. A responsive website design, in layman's terms, ensures that your site looks beautiful regardless of the device your visitors use to see and interact with the information.

We'll teach you how to pick a responsive WordPress theme, how to utilize one on your site, and where you can learn more about responsive design and how to make your own responsive WordPress theme in this guide.

What Are Responsive Business Websites?

Fluid grids, responsive media, and media queries are the three primary ideas of responsive web design. When a device can't detect the initial width or scale of a website, which prevents media queries from triggering, responsive web design employs the media viewport Meta element.

Ethan Marcotte invented the phrase "responsive web design" in 2010 to describe the process of creating websites that adapt to the device they're being viewed on in order to give consumers a smooth, ideal experience.

Why Do You Need Responsive Business Websites?

We live in a world where 70% of websites are visited through a mobile device. Not having a responsive website means letting go of this 70% of visitors. No one will want that, will you? That is why responsive business website design is so important today.

Websites not having a responsive design also tend to lag below in search rankings because Google considers responsive design as a ranking factor.

Similarly, these websites don’t have a very nice user experience since users coming on them won’t be able to do anything if they are using a tablet or a mobile device.

That is why it is important to understand why a responsive business website is so important for any business. That being said, how can you create a responsive business website?

You have many options available when you want to create a responsive business website design.

Make Responsive Business Website With WordPress

One of the best ways to make your WordPress website responsive is with the help of WordPress. WordPress offers you multiple responsive templates that you can use for your business.

Here are some steps to start your responsive website design with WordPress.

1. Install WordPress On Your Hosting

First thing is to install WordPress on your hosting solution. Once WordPress is installed on your website, you can easily add a theme or template on your website. There are many WordPress themes and directories available that you can use for WordPress websites with just a single click.

If you are using cPanel, you can easily install WordPress on your website with the clicks of a few buttons. If you are using a custom server without cPanel or any other domain control panel, then you can use FTP for WordPress file transfers from your main system to the website server. WordPress is pretty easy to install and anyone with basic knowledge of using WordPress can also install it on their websites for absolutely free.

2. Add Responsive Business Website Theme

Next, you have to add a responsive business theme from the WordPress theme directory. WordPress theme directory allows you to install a theme directly on the website. You can use this theme for making the website responsive. The best way to check if the website is responsive after installing the theme is to use a mobile phone. If the website works smoothly on your mobile device, it means that the website has now become responsive. You can use it on your website with ease.

3. Use a Page Builder for WordPress

Next, you need to add a page builder for your WordPress website. Adding page builders is not important or recommended but they enhance the way your theme is designed. Page builders add more functionalities to the site to enhance the way they look.

You can have trouble finding a pre-designed theme if you don't utilize WordPress or a hosted ecommerce website. Alternatively, you may just need a design that is more in line with your needs or company logo. You could always pay someone to make you something unique!

You might also hire a consultant to revamp your site, but verify their references first because this is a complex job. Responsive website design necessitates a solid understanding of web design. This is not an area where you want to save money. Make room in your budget to hire someone to complete a comprehensive job so you don't have to deal with the problem again in six months.

4. Add Relevant Plugins

Next, add a relevant plugin to your WordPress website to make it worth visiting. Plugins like social media buttons, widgets, banners, and sliders, will give a new feel to your website. People are always looking to improve the way they experience the internet. If your website offers them that premium feels then they are going to stay on the website.

You may change your site's typefaces, regulate mobile designs, and configure the information that appears in the footer and header, among other things. You may also change the default settings for global styles, add your contact information and monitoring scripts like Google Analytics code, and reduce the number of style sheets and scripts on your site to improve speed.

5. Style the Responsive Website Template

Let's talk about how to design the template now that you've added your own content. The Moose template, in my instance, comes with a few premade color schemes in the style > CSS > color subdirectory. This means I can quickly alter the colors by replacing the CSS in the document's head with my desired color style sheet.

You may also customize the primary style sheet, style.css, by adding your favorite fonts and colors.

Social evidence, such as testimonials, reviews, or mentions in other publications, may help establish your reputation and competence. Consider putting a few on the homepage and developing a separate page for all the present and future accolades you'll earn.

Launch Your Responsive Business Website

The best part is that you can easily launch your responsive website design by following the methods we have described above. If you want to get your WordPress responsive website made from web development agency experts, then get in touch with the team.

We have some of the best responsive website designers available that can help you design, develop, and launch your responsive design in the best way possible.

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