Things To Consider For Aspiring Web Developers

Web Development | 03-05-2021 | Hermit Chawla

things to consider for aspiring web developers

We are surrounded by technology, from the most revolutionary inventions to the simplest of apps. Each and every piece of software or website that we encounter has been built by a Web Developer – So, the question might come in mind as to what actually is Web Development.

Web Development basically refers to the process of building an application and website on the internet or over some private network (that is called intranet), it mainly deals with programming and coding, which is the very base of an app or a website’s functionality. Web Development can be broken down into three main parts that are: frontend development, backend development and database management.

1. Frontend Development: each and everything that a user can experience directly is known as frontend development/ client-side coding. Frontend drives things like fonts, layouts, colours, contact forms and menus on a website.

2. Backend Development: the part of the website that is responsible for storing and organizing data and making sure that everything runs very smoothly on the client side, that the user can’t possibly see, is called Backend Development/ Server-side coding.

3. Database Technology: it is the one that contains all the necessary files and content that is important for a website to work. It does so by storage of data in such a way that it is very easy to organize, retrieve, edit and save.

The major difference between a web designer and a web developer is that a web designer works on the visual parts that the user can see and a web developer works on the parts that lays the groundwork of functionality. Web designing is a very broad field, it is mostly broken down into three elements: information architecture, user experience design and user interface design.

The main question that still remains is that,

What Do Web Developers?

The basic role of a web developer is to build and maintain websites, these people can be a freelancer or work in-house. The responsibilities of a web developer depends on the fact that whether they work as a full stack, frontend or backend developer. A full stack developer is the one that specialize in both backend and frontend coding. In order to understand the vision of the clients, designers and stakeholders, web developers have to collaborate with them and determine so as to what and how the final website should look and function. A huge part of web developing business works around identifying and fixing bugs, to constantly improve and optimize a system or a website. Here are the activities that all the developers mostly perform:

Frontend Developers:

- Ensure responsive design
- Bring web designer’s designs to life using JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
- Code the part of the website that is visible to the users.

Backend Developer:

- Create and manage database
- Ensure that everything built by the frontend developer is fully functional.
- Building and maintaining the tch needed to power the frontend.

Database Developer:

- Guide on strategy and best practises
- Is well-versed with both businesses i.e. user experience and logic.
- Expert in both frontend and backend development.

Also, there are web developers that might specialise in mobile app development, either Android or iOS. iOS developers build apps that are compatible with the iOS operating system and Android developers build apps that run with all android devices.

Different Types Of Languages

Languages are the building blocks of programmes that are used by the web developers to create software, apps and websites. There are different types of languages like programming languages, markup languages, stylesheet languages and datasheet languages that a web developer can use.

1. Programming languages: programmers use so-called “high level” programming to write source code. A programming language is a set of commands and instructions for the computers to result in a certain output. For example, JAVA & CSS are high-level languages.

2. Markup Languages: it is used to lay down the formatting of a text file. Basically, markup languages tell the software that formats the text, about how the text should look. Two of the most renowned markup languages are XML & HTML.

3. Style sheet Languages: it is used to style the documents that are written in markup languages, so it basically adds style to a document.

4. Database Languages: the only use of languages is not to create software, apps and websites, it is also used for building and maintaining databases that store a huge volume of data. The language that is used to build apps and databases is completely different. SQL is an example of a standard database language. These can be checked in official source.

Some other tools of web development are libraries and frameworks, text editors, web browsers and also a tool that is very important Git!

What Does It Take To Be A Web Developer?

A web development career has a lot to offer in terms of job security and is rewarding, but it is also quite challenging. Learning necessary languages, frameworks and libraries would be the first step towards a web development career. Thereafter you should learn common terminology and other mentioned tools.

Is It A Good Time Now To Be A Web Developer? (2021)

With everything going around the world the only thing that we currently have all the time with us is technology. Most of our daily activities today are pendent on some form of technology. Therefore, people who built such software’s websites and apps play a crucial role.

And so yes, web developers from mobile app agency remain in high demand. But it is always important to make sure that before you choose a new career path altogether you reconsider.

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