What Your Website Is Going To Lose If It Is Not Secured Through SSL

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website secured through ssl

With the enormous shape and penetration of the internet, security concerns can’t be ignored. So the need for better protection of websites has been increased.

But at the same time, cybercriminals have also come up with more malicious intentions.

For the last few years now, Google-like organizations have taken a step toward making the web safer.

Website development services are engaged in encouraging them to make use of the HTTPS protocol.

Here, SSL racks up attention. It ensures secured data encryption while data transmission. Having an SSL commits that your sensitive data of the website’s visitors is transferred through a secure network.

It is important for web portal development companies to understand the potential risks.

Then to make sure, you are fully protected against it in the fast-paced world of technology.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a protocol that is used to make a highly secure and encrypted between the number of communication computers. The SSL certificate enables encryption.

In other words, it means the highly sensitive information exchange through the website can't be intercepted by anyone. It's not possible now to read it by anyone except the targeted recipient.

What are the types of SSL?

Today, SSL certificates usually come in different forms. Each SSL certificate provides a distinct level of certification. But most enterprises will be suitable for Organization Validated.

Now, Let’s buckle up on types of SSL certificates available:

• Self-signed certificates
• Domain Validated certificate
• Authenticated SSL certificate

Self-signed certificates

A self-signed certificate is the first type of SSL. Its name implies a certificate that is not issued by a certificate authority and actively generated only for designated internal purposes.

Because the owners of the website generate their certificate, it doesn't keep the same weight as an entirely authenticated and fully verified SSL certificate, which is issued by a certificate authority.

Domain Validated certificate

It's considered like entry-level certificate (SSL certificate). Furthermore, it's quick to be issued. the only verification check to be performed is to make sure that the intended application is the owner of the domain where he or she plans to use that certificate.

There is no need to do additional checks to ensure the validity of the owner's business entity.

Authenticated SSL certificate

It is called to be a first step in building true online security. It does take quite longer to issue. These SSL certificates are only granted when the organization gets succeeded in passing several checks and validation procedures.
It makes sure the existence of the owner's business, domain's ownership and authority of the user.

Some of the best web development company are preferring it as foremost for applying for the certificate.

What Website is Going to Lose if it is Not Secured through SSL?

If your website is not secured with SSL Certificate, you may end up leaked business data or private information.

Most website development services need to stay updated on the website related security concerns and all advancements.

Now, let's dive in for more risks of not keeping SSL certificate s for the website owners:

1. MITM Attack
2. Phishing Attacks
3. Leakage of Confidential Data
4. Search engine ranking
5. Web Browsers distrust
6. Degradation of Brand and Reputation

MITM Attack

It's Man- In- The- Middle attack. It's a type of an attack, where the attacker maliciously and secretly relays and alters the directed communication between your esteemed customers. It will cause them to lose heavily.

Because the website doesn't keep an SSL certificate or secured with an SSL certificate, all the communication going through from your webserver to your client would not be encrypted.

As a result, it's simple for intruders to intercept or attack these communications.

Phishing Attacks

With, all available free SSL certificates, similar domain owners may easily impersonate your website.

If the web portal design services develop the website, which is not actively verified by the SSL certificate, any person with malicious intent, can easily impersonate like user and defraud the customers by collecting data and making you responsible.

Leakage of Confidential Data

Today, most of the websites keep some customer information and then start passing it to intended database servers.

On the other hand, if websites don't have an SSL certificate, all the communication transfer wouldn't be encrypted.

That resonates with uninterrupted access to private data. It also includes easy login or details of registration of the users.

Search engine ranking

For ensuring users' safe browsing, search engine improves ranking for the websites keeping SSL Certificate.

HTTPS is being used as one of the important SEO ranking parameters. Hence, you would lose ranking if not installing SSL certification on your website.

So it's better to capitalize on it through competitive web portal design services.

Web Browsers distrust

CAB forums and Google Chrome engaged in distrusting the websites that are not keeping "HTTPS".

Every browser keeps different ways of highlighting unsecured websites. But the core objective of web portal development services behind this, to educate their web users about the not secured or non-https website.

Degradation of Brand and Reputation

One of the aforementioned can cause you irreparable damage to the brand either online and offline.

It will eventually explain that any of your competitors can fetch business advantage from your unsecured website.


Undoubtedly, trust intercepts the difference in the extent of online business. Today, high Investment in advance technology for protecting customers and obtaining their trust integrates are important success factors for every company. It extends to informative business to an e-commerce website.

So, the efficacious implementation and correct placement of SSL certificates through the best web development company would be effective tools for establishing customer trust.

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