How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Web Development

Artificial Intelligence | 21-12-2021 | Premjith

how artificial intelligence is changing web development

What once seemed a far-fetched technology, only seen in sci-fi movies, is today an evident reality. Artificial intelligence is no longer a fantasy. Neither is it a luxury that is out of reach for the ordinary person. Different industries are deploying this revolutionary technology to simplify, streamline, and systemize their activities. From statistical analysis to image processing, speech recognition and web development, artificial intelligence is aiding the process efficiencies constructively.

This article will take a look at the role of artificial intelligence in web development. With its innovative approach, it is transforming not just the lives of developers but also the business owners, customers, and marketers.

Growth of AI in Web Development

A major contributing factor for the steady growth of AI in web development is the AI tool kits introduced by companies like Facebook and Google These tool kits come equipped with readymade plugins that enable the integration of AI in web development. That wasn’t the case earlier when developers had to code in AI language, which was out of reach for many. Now, developers can use familiar web development frameworks and implement AI capabilities through APIs, AI libraries, etc.

Let’s take a look at the various ways in which artificial intelligence is contributing to web development.

Assists Website Development

To simplify website development, many companies are using artificial intelligence algorithms to create websites. The AI algorithm can be utilized to assist developers with layout, design, content, and branding. AI as a website development machine is proving to be highly effective owing to its intelligent capabilities. It can make use of analytics to improve website features as well as provide real-time suggestions to enhance the development and design process.

Speeds Up Coding

Coding is the most crucial and time-consuming phase of development. Developers spend weeks and months writing codes in various web development languages to create functional and efficient websites. However, with the implementation of AI in web development, coding can be done fastly. AI helps developers to automate various tasks and create code from scratch. Impressive apps can be created in a short time frame with AI support, which reduces the turnaround time and improves the time to market.

Improves User Experience

User experience is at the core of a successful website. There are various ways to improve it, but a significant trend in recent times has been the use of AI-powered chatbots in websites. These chatbots simulate real conversations with website visitors and respond to their queries fast. AI chatbots are available 24*7 and can also give accurate responses to visitor queries using their intelligent capabilities. This truly takes user engagement to the next level as real-time responses make the users feel acknowledged and valued.

Aids Testing and Quality Assurance

AI tools can help the testing process by handling the routine, repetitive tests by themselves. When such basic tests can be done by AI testers, human testers can focus their time on doing intensive debugging and testing. Moreover, the quality assurance processes, which can be quite monotonous, can also be performed with AI algorithms. This will improve the speed of development and also increase the accuracy of the process.

Performs Intelligent Research

Web development trends are constantly evolving and customer behavior is changing rapidly to embrace the newest trends. This makes it imperative for web development teams to stay on top of the latest happenings and predict future trends. Research plays an important part in this scenario. Machine-aided research (with the assistance of AI)  is growing in substance. It uses technologies like visual search and object recognition to perform accurate research and deliver fast results.

Will AI Take Over Web Development

Contrary to what sci-fi movies tell us, it is quite unlikely that AI will “take over” anything. Robots controlling humans are pure fiction and nothing more. Some popular applications of artificial intelligence are:

- Google Assistant: A smart personal assistant which uses voice-to-text technology to help users perform tasks.
- Netflix: The streaming service uses AI for its accurate predictive system, which suggests users new movies based on their previous watching habits.
- Grammarly: The writing assistant is run by artificial intelligence and can correct spellings, grammar, punctuation mistakes and improve writing style.

As it is clear from these examples, artificial intelligence in web development will aid to empower and augment the various processes. Artificial intelligence will serve as a catalyst for the web development industry and work interdependently with developers to enable optimized development. AI cannot be a replacement for humans. It is a technology that has unforeseen potential, which can be harnessed to the full extent when combined with human intelligence.

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