Video Production & Its Types: An Effective Way to Promote Your Business

Misc | 18-03-2020 | Benjamin Teo

video production and its types

Video production

Almost everyone films a video once in life. For the people, this format has become one of the most used around the world. It is a simple way to share the content we want and make our message break down the walls.

Video production is a rude industry and very expensive. The experts in video production make an amazing and professional job, but the cost is very high. Maybe you think that you do not have another way that pays to contract an expert that takes control of the video production of your corporation. But it is not necessary because you can do an incredible job with the video production of your corporation with less money if you do it yourself.

The biggest problem becomes when we try to make video production because if your corporation does not dedicate to the video marketing world, create the videos of your corporation is going to be very hard, and maybe the final product of your production does not like it.

For this reason, we bring you here the phases of video production. Knowing these phases, you are going to be capable of lead your video production and get a perfect result, and adjust to as you like. For being capable of doing the best video production, you must follow the phases from the beginning to the end are 3: preproduction, production, and postproduction.

Every one of these phases is going to help you to organize your ideas and your content to get the best video. Phase one is the preproduction that consists of all the planning and coordination. In this way, all the direction of the video and the way you want to follow are going to born in this phase. Phase two is the product that consists of the proper filming of the content of your video. Phase three is the postproduction, in this phase, you must edit all the content you record in phase two to get the final video to present to the audience.

However, this only is a little resume of the phase, now we are going to present all the features that you need to know of every phase to make a video of quality to your corporation, and with this get your objective and promote your company.

Phase one: preproduction

This is the beginning of video production. In this phase, you have to build the groundwork of your video. The preproduction includes the creative process, in this phase you must to do brainstorm to find the principal ideas that are going to characterize your video. But this phase is not just about creativity, it is also about the organization.

In this phase is essential, you can be capable of research, planning, organize, and solve all the problems can appear in the way of video production. The preproduction includes a series of elements that are going to bring your video to success. Between those elements, there are the objectives and the video strategy you pretend to use.

Then you must think about the budget you have for the production of your video because no matter how many ideas you have if these ideas do not adjust to your budget, you never are going to make your video. For this reason, you also must think in your scope, these two things may limit the production of your video. This is why your corporation has to be realistic with them.

Once, you have control of all these elements, you can choose your history. History selection has to be smart because if history is confusing the audience never is going to understand the video. You also have to set the timeline of the production, calculate the time, and be realistic to make the video at the right time, and do not spend too much time in the production. Remember that time is money, and you cannot lose it. If you handle all these elements, you are going to be capable of go to the next phase.

Phase two: production

This phase is where happiness begins. You already do all the organization, planning, and paperwork. Now, it is the time of your ideas come alive. You have to keep the communication with your producer so that all your ideas are captured in the video as you thought them.

The phase of production includes a series of elements like phase one. Production begins with the configuration of sound, lights, and video equipment. This configuration depends on the quality of your video. You must check the audio constantly so that all the content you film is heard. There is nothing worst that videos with a terrible sound. Also, the lights are important because you want the audience to watch the content you are showing them.

It is important that capturing b-roll because this is going to warrantee to your company that all the content filmed does not lose. This is going to serve you as backup material, just in case something happened and you lose the material filmed.

Phase three: postproduction

Finally, if you follow all the advice, you are going to be capable of face phase three of postproduction without any problem. Now, it is the time of the producer and editor to work. They have the task of organizing, process, and edit all the material you already film in phase two to get a final product of quality.

First, the producer has to review all the material, check that all was filmed as your planning, and assemble the final history. Once the producer does that, the editor is going to move their magic fingers to bring all the pieces together to present the final video.

In postproduction have to choose the right music for all the scenarios, edit all the parts of you and your team filmed to give the video fluency. Once the editor finishes the edition, the video is going to be finally over, and you will be able to share the video of your corporation in all the social networks and on your website. You just have to be patient, video production takes time, but it worth it.

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