14 Tips To Increase Video Engagement

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14 tips to increase video engagement

First, select one concept, make a video and post it on social media. Try to analyze the performance of the video. One good thing is that posting video itself is an advantage because it makes more people engage with video content when compared to posting images. Marketers state that video drives 50% more engagement compared to images. So if you are trying to create brand awareness and make a mark among people, try using videos.

Try creating a video that grabs more user engagement, which helps generate leads for the business. Creating an engaging video depends not only on unique content and video quality alone but there are also other factors that need to be considered. Creating interesting video content will make people watch the video till the end otherwise, there will be no leads generated once the video content is published. Here is the blog that lists out tips to increase video engagement.

14 Tips To Increase Your Video Engagement:

1) Video Quality

The first and foremost important thing is video and quality when compared to content quality. Loading time and buffering are also things to consider to prevent users from losing attention and reducing bounce rates. Create an engaging video with content that is valuable and entertaining to users. Include bright colours and clear texts in the video to make it look more appealing.

2) Good Introduction

To keep users watching, the video introduction must be strong so that it hooks viewers to watch the video till the end rather than scrolling it. It should just take 3 to 5 seconds at the beginning of the video to convince a user to stay longer on the particular video.

3) Asking A Questions

One better way to increase video engagement is by asking questions to users and telling them to comment to answer the question. This will also make many users engage with the video.

4) Invoking Emotions

Creating engaging videos is not all about fun and facts it is more beyond that. Viewers are also humans. You have to invoke emotions, so that they stay longer watching the video. You have to tell the value, benefit, and impacts it will have on them in future. The video should create an emotional impact among viewers.

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5) Use Call To Action

It is important to include a call to action button at the end of the video to tell people what to do next. It might be included in between videos or at the beginning as well. Including CTA will make people sign up for the newsletter, or social following.

6) Make Your Video Shorter

Creating shorter videos means more view time and lesser drop offs. The video range should be between 15 seconds to two minutes to share video on the social media platform. A two-minute video is enough to educate and share tips to users and provide CTA to visit our website.

7) Formatting The Video

Please don’t make a single sized video to fit into all video platforms. It’s a total disaster. It’s always best to format video according to each and different video platforms. To increase video engagement, it is better to make video content visible and mobile-friendly so that all people can view it.

8) Creating Video Content Based On Different Platform

Video content that is created for social media platforms varies from videos created for websites. For videos on social media must be shorter to attract customers to the website to know about the business. Video on the website can be testimonials or product videos that might be a little longer to educate visitors to know more about the product or service.

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9) It’s Better To Have Someone Host The Video

Having a person hosting the video is one of the ways to boost video engagement as it creates a connection with viewers to give them the feel to watch it longer. The host present in the video feeling relaxed and talking in front of the camera like normal conversation will entice more people to watch the video.

10) Creating Video Thumbnail

The video thumbnail is the preview image of the video. It is the first thing the viewers will notice before clicking the video. By seeing the image the viewer must get to know what is inside the video as it should be informative and also entice them to watch the video. Video thumbnail can be of Person image with an expression or Text that denotes titles, benefits, or both. Adding thumbnail increases video engagement by 150%.

11) Optimizing Video

Optimizing video according to a search engine will make search engines crawl and index it on the search engine result page. So that it is visible to all people and this leads to an increase in video engagement and website visitors. Optimizing title, description according to keywords will make your video discoverable when people type particular keywords.

12) Adding Subtitles

Adding subtitles to the video will make it hard to hear and deaf to watch the video. It also helps foreign language people to watch video content with the help of subtitles. It is noted that more than 90% of people consume video content mute on social media platforms. Adding subtitles to the video content will help in the SEO factor to make the video rank higher.

13) Promoting Video

Promote video by adding it on the website home page, sharing it on various social media channels and attaching the video content in the newsletter to send it to the existing customers and new customers.

14) Reviewing Your Video Engagement

Using the analytics dashboard feature, you can get to know the views, engagement rate, and user behaviour patterns on websites and social media channels. With this, you can get to know the performance of the video. With these, you can make changes in the video accordingly to make more people watch the video for a longer time.

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Start creating engaging video content with the help of the tips mentioned above. Try to tell the message to the audience, engage them and tell them what to do next. Nowadays, many businesses have started using video as a tool to create brand awareness, while some have started their own video streaming business for service or product promotion. It is mainly because the video is only the best form of media content to generate leads. If you are a business planning to launch a video streaming website, it is better to approach a Video streaming platform provider. It builds a video platform with advanced features and powerful functionality for businesses. Online video is the future as most people spend time watching videos online.

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